Friday, January 27, 2017

Christmas Tree

Here it is, Jan 27, 2017 and our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations are still up.

"What?"  You say.  "It's almost February.  How can you still have your Christmas decorations up?  You're one of THOSE neighbors."

I could make excuses...... as we HAVE been super busy since Christmas.

But I'm not going to.

Our tree is still up because Techno likes it to stay up.

This is new for me to give in like this.

I always leave the tree up till at least New Year's Day.  However, I usually take it down ON New Year's Day or shortly thereafter. 
(Except for the year Jacob was born.  That year I didn't have the energy or ambition to mess with it so the tree was up until April when my mom came to visit. She couldn't take it and put it all away.  Don't judge.)

 It's a comical and loving 'battle' we have each December.

How early should the tree go up?  I vote for just before December 10 -- my birthday.  He would rather wait till closer to Christmas Eve -- say December 22 or so.   When should the decorations go back in storage?  My vote, NO LATER than New Year's.  His? April.  LOL!

Most years, we do a bit of a compromise.  I get the tree up 'close' to my birthday. Sometimes before but usually a bit after (mostly b/c we get quite busy) and we take the tree down right around New Year's Day or maybe a few days later depending on our schedule.

This year.... the tree went up a bit late -- for my preference.  Around Dec 22 or so.

That meant it really wasn't up long by the time Christmas rolled around and the time I'd start itching to disassemble everything.

January hit with it's hectic schedule right out of the gate.

Techno and I had our 4 day getaway; every weekend thereafter, it seemed we were going to Fort Collins for something -- appts; picking up computers; getting blood drawn; etc etc etc.

I could have delegated the task to the kids - but I honestly was fearful of things -- like my mom's ceramic Christmas tree that she made -- getting broken.  Not that I can't slip, trip, and fall myself causing disaster, but it seems my children are a little more prone to said accidents.  :-)

I could have also easily started and completed the Christmas dismantle during the week.

But... this year... I decided to honor my husband's wishes.

We left the tree up.

We left the decorations all around the living room.

The lights were on most of the time.

In the past, the chaos of all the decor drove me nuts after a week or so.

This year, simplifying our Christmas decorations made it seem less cluttered and claustrophobic.

In all honesty?  It was nice.  I might even say.... relaxing.

I think Techno's on to something.

So many put the tree up right after or even before Thanksgiving then remove all evidence of Christmas before New Year's Day.  Keeping all the holidays smooshed into a 4-5 week span.

Do we even enjoy the tree, the decorations when we do that?  Nov and Dec tend to be so busy - shopping; eating; visiting family; dinners; parties; programs at school; wrapping; planning; more parties; more programs.

Then a few days after Christmas and all the hub bub is over; we remove all evidence of the magical time; the twinkling lights are gone; the ornaments filled with memories are stashed away for another year.

Do we even have the time or energy to embrace it?  To really take notice of it all?

This year, leaving everything up for the month of Jan, I gained a new perspective.

The twinkle of the lights glowing in the evening.

The tree looming tall in the living room with all the precious memories carefully placed on it's bows.

I was able to appreciate WHY Techno prefers the tree to go up late and stay up long.

It helps with the hum drum days after all the buzz of the holidays has passed.

The winter months stretch on and on here.

Why not keep that magical look and feel for a few more weeks?

I'm pleased we did.

I'm overjoyed I honored my husband's wishes and kept Christmas displayed a little longer this year.

Yes, it's getting to be time to remove it all.  But... if another few days pass and it's still up?  I'm ok with that.