Friday, June 10, 2016


Changes are hard.

                                  Believe me.

                                                           I know.

Last year was filled with changes.  Hard changes that we HAD to go through.  We had no choice but to adapt and adjust.

Now that things have settled down with all the 'no choice changes' we had thrust upon us, I'm realizing I need to make some changes that I'm in charge of.  Not ones that are in charge of me.

My health.
               My weight.

                               My fitness level.

When the girls were diagnosed, I had been losing weight using a plan called Trim Healthy Mama.  It's a unique approach to eating that involves separating out 'fuels'.  You eat little to no carbs if you are eating healthy fatty foods, conversely if you want to eat carbs, just stay away from the fat.  In addition, both types of meals are anchored w/protein.  It also limits carbs to a more 'healthy' amount as well as encourages the elimination of sugar and processed foods while incorporating lots of fruits and veggies.  Especially veggies.  It allows the body to burn energy from carbs OR fat rather than using the carbs and storing the fat.  A great way to follow the idea of moderation -- all food can be enjoyed and are good for our bodies when eaten appropriately.

I personally like this approach.  I'm less likely  - months later - to be craving the food groups I would have eliminated while 'getting healthy'.

No deprivation.

I had great success with this eating plan.  I felt good.  I had lost 35 pounds.  I enjoyed the food and found it fairly easy to follow.

Then.... everything happened and I allowed myself to go back to old habits.

I began eating and sleeping my emotions away.

I binged on carbs AND fat; resulting in my body once again STORING said fat in all the wrong places.  Or maybe more accurately - in ALL places.


As you might have guessed, I found that 35 pounds and they brought some unwelcome friends with them (sadly).  Now I'm heavier and more unhealthy than I was before I began this journey in Oct of 2014.

So, that is one of the major changes I WANT to make.  I NEED to make.

I want to get back on track with this more healthy approach to eating.  Using food to fuel my body, not stuff my emotions.  Eating foods that help my body have energy not those that make me want to nap and sleep the day away.  Yet, not depriving myself to the point of exasperation.

I want to begin exercising again.  Getting my muscles, my heart, my lungs, my joints back to health.  Venturing out to hike these beautiful mountains we live in without feeling like I may pass out.  :-)  Being able to go out with the kids and play on the trampoline; go sledding; make boats to float on the creek; run with the dogs; tend to the growing number of animals in our mini-mountain-menagerie; accomplish the myriad of projects I'd like to do in and around the house.

I understand it won't be easy.

         I accept the journey will be a long, arduous one.

                 However, I recognize it's what is best.

                           I know I CAN do it.

                                     I acknowledge that I NEED to do it.

Now, to find a way to stay motivated to enact these changes day in, day out.

I'm excited that Techno is joining me on this adventure.  This healthy lifestyle.  His support and participation will make this task a bit more palatable.  A lot more achievable.

Want to come along side of us and help me (well us) stay accountable?  I'd love to share this journey with others.  Join us, won't you?  We'll be better for it in the end.

Weigh myself and take measurements.
Eeack!!!  I'll keep those numbers to myself.
Stay on plan with eating 90% of the time this week.
Separating fuels; using the THM cookbook to make healthy family meals; not skipping breakfast; eating every 3 hours.  We've done pretty good so far this week. Only 1 major meal 'off plan' at our church fellowship.  But.... that's one of the things I love about this approach.  3 hours later, you can be right back at it.
Exercise at least 2 days for 30 minutes each day.
After planning my goals, I was invited to take part in a 'plank and walking challenge' with a friend.  I did my first 20 sec plank last night.  I need to walk a total of 2 hours this week.  That will actually be more than my original 'goal' but I believe it's doable.  That would average at least 4 days of 30 min each.  We probably achieved this goal while we were camping b/c of our hikes, but I'm hoping to get some more in today and tomorrow.

I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to join us on this path. Share your goals, your progress.

It's always easier when you work together.

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