Wednesday, November 13, 2013

House Closing

I haven't posted much about our house sale lately.

I guess it's just been 'moving along' so I've not thought of it. Well, that's not true.  I've thought about the house and it's sale OFTEN - daily really - but there's not been much 'new' to write about.

This Fri - the 15th of Nov - we will close on our house in Cincinnati.  At 4 PM, our realtor, the buyers, and their realtor, will meet in an office;  paperwork will be filed; the house will be sold.  Our signatures will be all that's representative of our presence. 

Guess that's something new to write about!!!

{Of course it's all contingent upon some documents that are SUPPOSED to be appearing in my e-mail to print, sign, and be notarized.  Yet, said mythical documents have yet to materialize.  Sigh!}

It's been a L-O-N-G journey.

We had our belongings moved and put into storage on Dec. 10, 2012.  At that time we moved into Techno's dad's house for the remainder of the month prior to moving out west.

We spent a week with my folks in Ashtabula to celebrate Christmas, then... we packed up the remainder of our possessions and 'headed west'.

Once we removed the last our our belongings, a painter came through and 'neutralized' the entire house -- top to bottom. Beige.  It no longer looked anything like the home we had developed over the years.

The red chalkboard paint kitchen with the black and red breakfast nook -- gone.  The tan chalkboard paint and magnet school room wall - departed. The teal-ish and brown basement playroom - nothing but a memory.  The boys black chalkboard wall and 'library' shelves - removed.  The girls pretty purple chalkboard wall and fairy wall hangings - erased.  The 'Sitting Ducks' and clouds painted on the bathroom wall - nonexistent.

It's a shell of what it once was -- at least in terms of OUR memories.

All in an attempt to 'sell quickly'.

Guess that didn't happen.  LOL!

The house was finally on the market by mid to end of Jan 2013.

{Here it is Nov. 2013 and we are FINALLY closing.} 


Admittedly, I never thought it would take THAT long to sell.  I expected a few months, but 10?  Not so much.  After all, we LOVED that house.  Why would't everyone else that walked through it?  I was convinced that once families gazed upon that wonderful great room in the back, stepped out on the expansive deck, not to mention the grandiose size of the house...... they'd....... be ....... S-O-L-D!

What I didn't take into account?  Most people ALSO noticed the outdatedness of the house.  Those things we just 'overlooked' b/c they weren't all that important to us.  With new houses sprouting up ALL OVER THE PLACE, who wanted a house with dark wood paneling in one room, a blue tiled/tubbed/toileted bathroom, as well as a yellow tiled and tubbed bathroom?  Not to mention an antiquated intercom system installed in several of the rooms.  Plus, people found the 'bigness' of the house a turnoff.  Guess we're among a minority with such a LARGE family.  Sigh!

But, God had a plan.  All along we'd been praying not only for the house to sell, but for the house to sell to the RIGHT family.

That's exactly what happened.  God had a specific family in mind and it just took a while for them to a) know the house was for sale, b) see the house, and c) sell their house.  They weren't even REALLY looking to buy a house when they came through.

YET..... they also LOVED the space -- just as we had.  Plus, God nudged them to purchase our home. He made it clear to them that this was HIS plan.  They.  Were.  Moving.

Therefore, here we are.  TEN MONTHS later.  Closing on our house.  The family GOD intended to live there moving in this Friday.  All because God called us to 'mosey' on along to the wild west.

Our 'old' house.  It was a great  home!  So happy for the new owners.  Pray they love it as much as we did.

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