Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pantry Reveal

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog.  What can I say - life. is. B-U-S-Y!!!

Homeschooling 6 kids; house projects; the warm weather/cold weather clothing swap; gift making for the Holidays; clubs starting up; church; appointments --- time slipped away.

All good things and I'm blessed by each and every item on my 'to-do' list, but.... it does make writing more difficult.

This will be short(er than some), but wanted to share our Pantry Reveal.

It took A LOT longer than I could have ever expected, but....... it's finally D-O-N-E!!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Dance.

As you might recall it all started after we quickly finished off my craft/sewing nook.  I decided the pantry might as well get a make-over too.

It started out simple enough.  Remove everything from the space, hang shelves, put everything back.  That.  Was.  The.  Plan.  A weekend event - tops.

Well.... if you know me.... you know I rarely manage to keep things too simple. Especially when it comes to cleaning/organizing a space.  ;-)

Once emptied - as I mentioned before - I had to clean it --- REALLY SCRUB IT, top to bottom.  Then... I mused.... might as well paint it.

THAT is where the trouble began.  I don't dislike painting. I LOVE the results.  But..... TRIM?  Well, Id rather NOT mess with it. So..... my project lingered on and on and on and on.

Finally I mustered up the energy and cracked out the trim.

Then..... hanging the shelves.  Simple, easy, no problem.  Right?

Techno found the studs, measured, leveled, and put up the strips. We eyeballed spacing and began hanging the brackets for the shelves.

Dum, da da da da, dummmmm......  This is where things fell apart - again.

The brackets in two of the strips wouldn't stay. We'd put them in, secure them, put a shelf on and as we were putting the next shelf up, the one above would crash down onto our heads.  Ouch!  

After various alterations and attempts, we were off to the hardware store for more strips.  Took 2 hardware stores and and a less than helpful salesperson, but we got what we needed.

Techno took down the original strips, hung the new ones and slipped in the brackets.  Hmmmmm.... still wanted to slip out.  A little fenangilling and a mallet and all was good.

Now that the shelves were secure, I began re-shelving all our food and pantry items.  (After a day of procrastinating by folding all the summer clothes for storage.)

Baskets were put on a small wire shelving unit, tin buckets were hung on the wall and ...... VOILA!!!!

The. pantry. is. finished!  Can't you just hear the the sounds of rejoicing in the background?
The red chalkboard 'message' wall.
Painted and shelves installed. PHEW!

Only about a month after we started the whole shebang.  LOL!

The black trim was what tripped me up so much.

All three walls now house shelving to hold all our pantry items.

All the food in it's place.
My 'chalkboard' wall that's now
my 'bucket' wall.

Techno's favorite aspect?  We can now welcome people to our home through our FRONT door.  No longer do we have to rush to the front and motion for them to 'go around'. Plus, WE can use the front door.  YEAH!
Our front door with a 'clear' path to come in/out!

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