Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Play dates, coffee, museums oh my

As we planned our visit to Cincinnati, we had requests to get together via play dates, visiting co-op, meetings for coffee, grabbing a quick breakfast, sleep overs for Bethany, hanging out at friends houses for big kids, a visit to the Creation Museum, pizza and wings with friends, and dinners with Dad.

It was so wonderful to see old friends and spend quality time with Techno's dad.

Despite trying to keep a relaxing pace - our schedule filled up before we even announced we were coming to town.

We felt so loved.

It was wonderful to see so many people and humbling to think so many WANTED to see us.  Reminding us how much we miss the people we grew to know and love despite loving where we are now.

It saddened us to realize we wouldn't be able to see EVERYONE during our short stay in Cincinnati.

There. Just. Wasn't. Enough. Time.

People often ask us if we miss Cincinnati.  My almost immediate response is 'no'.  We don't miss the 'place' very much, but we DO so miss the people.

Granted, we now miss the people in Wyoming when we are away from there as well.  Guess that's part of making a home wherever you are planted.

Next we headed to Ashtabula - the place of my birth - to visit family and friends there.

Upon arrival we were greeted by my parents who always 'stay up late' waiting to give us hugs.

Saturday brought the whole family - both brothers, their significant others, all my nieces, their spouses and children - to my parents' home.  Let's just say....... a house full!!!  27 family members smooshed into my mom and dad's living room to celebrate Christmas together.  Yep, a little backwards, seeing as how we'd yet to celebrate Thanksgiving, but.... 'ya do whatcha gotta do' once you live 1000's of miles away.

On Sunday I slipped away for a late lunch with old school friends.  Many from my elementary days, some from Jr High and High School.  It's amazing how social media has made such 'mini' reunions possible and even easy.


It used to be you only managed such gatherings on reunion years - 5, 10, 20, and coming up on 25.  Now???  Anytime several people are available, let the fun begin.

The rest of the week leading up to Thanksgiving was low key.  Wonderful time spent with my mom and dad. The kids did their school, we did some thrift store shopping, and we had plenty of meals with Mammaw and Pappaw.

Thanksgiving Day brought most of the family back together for one more gathering.

Friday was a 'special day' for the big kids - with Pappaw. The littles and and I went with Mammaw to ...... wait for it..... McDonald's.  With a playland.  Their choice.  Ha.

Finally we packed up and headed homeward to the wild west.  We missed our new home while we were gone, but loved the opportunity to see loved ones who are now so far away.

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