Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Squalls

Who knew you could have a 'white out' when it wasn't even snowing?

My guess?  Most Wyomians.

Being a transplant resident, I was not privvy to such information.

Yet, recently, that is EXACTLY what we experienced.

Driving to Cheyenne and Fort Collins for a day of furniture shopping and doctor's visits, I found myself on I80 with zero visibility as the winds swirled the existing snow on the mountains up, down, and all around.

We literally could. not. see!

I was fortunate to have landed a spot behind a semi-truck.  Those tail lights were about all my vision could decipher. They were my guiding lights as I traversed the perilous snow squall.

I say perilous - others may scoff at such a term given the situation.  The roads were dry so driving wasn't treacherous, but to me - an Ohioan until just under a year ago - THIS. WAS. UNBELIEVABLE!

The event was made more traumatic as I was actually the one DRIVING!  Techno usually drives ALL the time... EVERYWHERE we go.  I can count on one hand the number of times in over 19+ years of marriage when I have been the primary driver when he's on board.

A bleed in his right eye resulted in temporary (prayerfully) loss of vision so I had taken on the driving task until his vision improved.  (which is happening little by little, daily.)

On doctor's orders, Techno is trying to relax to keep his blood pressure down.  Ummmm... driving with me..... in a snow squall.....  not exactly part of the prescription.

White knuckled I grasped the steering wheel tightly.  After all, holding on tight will make driving MUCH better, easier.

Once out of the squall, I finally relaxed.

But..... we had to do it all over again coming home.  Sigh.

This time we took a different route that didn't have QUITE the snow squalls.

 Non-stop wind gusts of over 60+ miles per hour were common both ways.

Driving in the dark to return to our mountain abode; amidst bursts of snow clouds that would impede vision for stretches of road; wind gusts that would push the Tacoma off course; all made for a slow trip simply because...... I'M. A. WIMP...... when it comes to driving in bad weather.

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