Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Wait is Over

As the week passed and the days ticked by, my optimism of Trixiebelle actually having kits was waning.

I kept counting and re-counting the days since she was put in with our buck, Shortstop.  I had calculated that Friday or Saturday was basically the deadline.  If we didn't see baby bunnies by Saturday evening -- the likelihood that she was actually bred, was rather low.

Everyone was a little sad.

The little girls checked on her first thing Friday morning - nothing.  No new fur, no babies.

The big kids checked mid-morning - again.... nothing.

The littles checked again Friday afternoon - several times, actually - still..... nothing.

I decided to do a check after dinner while the boys were walking the dogs and the girls were happily playing in their room.

Much to my surprise -- the box was filled with fur; Trixiebelle was lounged off to the side; the fur was MOVING!

Hard to believe that earlier in the day this box only
had straw in it.  I guess mama got busy.

Trixiebelle lounging next to the nesting box.


I pet mama bunny and got her scent on my hands so I could check to see if all the kits were alive and try to count how many there were.

Boy were they squiggly.

I didn't find any dead ones.  Phew.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe there are 9 little babies nestled nicely in the box covered with their mama's fur.

All toasty warm.

Hard to see, but those black smudges are baby bunnies.

The next morning we rechecked on them.

All 9 still warm; still wiggly; still alive.

I'll check again later tonight to be sure mama is feeding them.  Investigating the plumpness of their tummies to show they were fed.

Excitement filled the air.

Now.....  we wait and see to determine if Trixiebell is going to be a good mama rabbit and feed her babies and keep them warm long enough for them to mature to the point of eating and drinking on their own.

Day by day we'll watch.  We'll wait.  We'll pray this time is successful.

Just one of the newborn kits.  So, so tiny and silky.

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