Thursday, August 10, 2017

Darn Skunks

Each year it appears as though skunks like to move in under our porches, our house, our shed, even our backyard, and bunny hutch.

This year was no exception.

I believe the dogs had managed to avoid getting sprayed for the most part this year, but alas, that couldn't last.

This morning, snuggling in bed with little Miss Selah, talking about the eclipse we are planning to see on the 21st, we both noted the sudden onset of 'skunk smell'.

We knew skunks were around -- the smell was here when we arrived back from fair.  Having Titus with us for the week at fair allowed them more freedom to explore the backyard and the trash bin of recycling we keep there.

So... I didn't think much of it. The skunk must have come in contact with another critter that spooked it enough to spray in it's defense.

A short time later, the bedroom door opened and Trinity stuck her head in announcing Titus had been sprayed in the face and was frothing at the mouth. In fact BOTH dogs had been sprayed. One in the face... the other in the tush.

They were quickly quarantined to the garage until baths could be given.

Poor dogs.

Titus chased the skunk, but never made contact.  Apollos is too old to see or smell for the hunt anymore.

The crazy little skunk ran and found a hidey hole tucked up against the house beside the dog shelter.  Right behind the propane lines so no chance of shooting him at that point in time.

I can't deny, he's pretty cute, but...... still.

Every time Elijah went near the shelter to try to put the trap down, the little black and white striped nuisance would stamp and stomp his little front feet, raising his back end up the wall of the house.  I think he was too nervous to turn to spray or Elijah would have had a face full of bad.

Finally, the traps were set and we waited.

As expected, that little stinker (quite literally), did his own waiting and once we stopped watching he slipped off - avoiding the traps and disappearing to wherever he calls home at this current time.

The traps are set and we'll hope he goes for the peanut butter we put in them.  He seems to like peanut butter and Nutella so hopefully he'll be hungry tonight and crawl right in to have a snack.

Then, sorry to say, his days are numbered.

Cute or not - skunks have no place in our mini-mountain-menagerie.

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