Monday, September 9, 2013

Neat Wyoming Skies

We've had some AMAZING skies this year in Wyoming.

When we'd visit in the summers, we mostly saw clear blue skies with a few puffy white clouds in the mid to late afternoons, followed occasionally by some grey clouds with rain. However, such clouds dissipated almost as quickly as they formed.

Since moving here, especially this summer, the skies have been different.  More interesting. Beautiful really. Yes, this has translated into more rain, but.... we need rain.  Means less forest fires.  I'm ALL for that plan.

With that, I thought I'd simply post some cool 'sky' pictures I've taken these past few months.  Many have been taken with my phone, so the quality may not be awesome, but.... you'll get the over all, encompassing gist.  ;-)

Here goes - in no particular order:
Clouds rolling in over the mountains.

Sun setting with slight cloud cover.

Variety of clouds over the mountains beside our home.

Clear skies, but a little hazy.

Such beauty as the sun sets.

WONDERFUL blue skies over GORGEOUS lakes -- more typical Wyoming weather.

Grey and cloudy with a rainbow.  Love it.

A wonderful pink sunset sky with our house in the midst.

Just gorgeous blue skies with thin, wispy clouds - looking out over our front yard.
(Picture taken out the front window so a bit of 'reflection')

Clouds rolling in while fishing.  Yep, rain followed.

Just LOVE the color contrast.
Was even more gorgeous in real life

The deep blues with the wispy white clouds -- one of my favorites.

Makes me think of an exclamation point.

Storms a' brewin'!

Early evening storms have been common place lately.

Picture perfect. Deep blue and puffy white.
Doesn't get much better than this.

Winter storm.

Clear skies!

Sun and clouds -- big puffy clouds.

Clouds in the distance, sun above.

HUGE rain storm. Crazy part was on the other side of the road it was sunny.

Snow clouds?

Look at that rain in the distance.  So cool!

The colors this night were P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L!!!  Pretty sure we were driving and I only had my phone.  But, still....

Cool colors as the clouds roll in.

Clear sky amidst the storm clouds.

Such a neat combination of clear sky,
pink/yellow sunset, and storm clouds above.

Just a neat full moon with some wispy clouds.

We just love how blue sky shines through - even in storms.

Big storm clouds abound.

Sunset with clouds rolling in.

Winter clouds.

Winter clouds growing.

Such a fabulous sunset!  Looks more like a blazing fire.

Pretty sunbeams through the clouds at sunset.

A partial rainbow -- just yesterday on our way to church.

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