Monday, September 30, 2013

A trip to the Denver Zoo

To finish off our 'mini-vacation', we took the kids on a day trip to the Denver Zoo.

Our crew at the zoo!
We met a friend from Ohio - yeah, weird, right? - as well as a family we've made friends with here in Centennial.  Not sure who the kids were more excited to see.  Either way, we enjoyed the fellowship of all present.

The day was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!  Not sure we could have planned better weather if we'd tried.

The sun was shining, but it wasn't hot.  NO humidity.  NO bugs.  Just pleasant blue skies, warm breezes.  PERFECT!

The girls requested we see peacocks, zebras, and giraffes.

Such beautiful colors.  We saw
MANY peacocks.
This giraffe kept chasing all the others.  Funny.

The older kids ALWAYS want to see the cheetahs and big cats.

A couple cheetahs.  Such amazing speed.  But, not this day.
A big tiger pacing back and forth.

An adorable leopard
baby and it's mama.

Sorta looks like the bear who visited our kitchen. :-)

Wouldn't want to be on the
receiving end of those quills.

Bears, porcupines, monkeys, birds of all kinds,  sea lions, penguins, reptiles, and fish of great variety also encapsulated the various critters we were blessed to see that day.

Nana nana boo boo!  See his tongue sticking out?

Amazingly long legs.

Waving to the crowd.

Yep, a 2 hump camel.

the penguins retiring to their habitat
after being fed fish.  Cute.

Turtles are just. plain. fun!

A unicorn fish of some kind.

A pretty fish. Good enough
reason to take a picture, right?

Amazed by the unique fish.  Our littles - all in a row.
Smiles on faces, chattering discussions, wonderful discoveries.  It was all part of our tremendous day.
Entering the 'reptile' house.  
Alligator or crocodile?
The Komodo Dragon.  We
learned lots of new tidbits
about this particular creature.

HUGE tortoise!

Here's a few more pictures of our day.  Enjoy!

Guess the snack wasn't enough.  He found a WHOLE sandwich in the
garbage and sat and ate it while we watched. Too funny.

Squirrel enjoying a little snack.

Beautiful parrots.  Now Trinity is saving up her money to buy one.  Um..... NO!

These two were quite the show.
Sitting in a waterfall.

The girls liked this birds
pink throat. Imagine that?

This eagle had a great time showing off and strutting his stuff.  Fun photo ops.

These two flamingos were sparring or something.

See the little white baby flamingo?  Isn't he cute?

A slightly older 'baby' flamingo.

Cute little girls getting tired - glad we brought the wagon.

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