Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beauty in the little things

Waking this morning, we lay there waiting for the pitter patter -- or should I say the clumpity clump -- of little feet running down the hall.

Since school started we haven't had time to 'nuggle' in bed with the girls like we did over the summer.  Even on weekends we've been busy and haven't had a chance.

For our anniversary, Doug gave me a new comforter and curtains for our bedroom.

I chose a soft crushed velvet like material with a fleece underside.  Super soft.  Perfect for our cold winter nights.  The girls have been chomping at the bit to 'nuggle in it with us.

This morning, we waited for them to appear.

Finally, a little after 7:00 am, we heard the first 'clump' of feet hitting the ground, followed by some giggles and more clippity, clop, clumpity, thump down the hall toward our room.  The door flew open and 3 little heads appeared.

The most wonderful sound was hearing the joy filled giggle as Charity first realized we were still in bed and they could, in fact, 'nuggle with us this morning.

Giggles, hugs, kisses, tossles, and lots of wiggles ensued.

Beauty in a sound.

Observing the kids getting ready for church that morning, I couldn't help but notice the collaboration and cooperation.  Bethany brushing little girls' hair.  Bethany and Elijah walking the dog. Trinity getting the dog's food while Elijah filled his water bowl.  Jacob helping the littles find shoes, coats.  Selah and Charity synchronizing what markers and coloring books to take for the drive.  They worked together, helped one another.

Beauty in action.

After breakfast everyone but Trinity and I headed off to church.  {She continued to have remnants of the tummy bug going around our house.}

Watching Trinity in the front room while I worked in the kitchen, I was struck by her beauty.  Her hair pulled up in a loose bun on her head, her little PJ clad body dancing to music from the video she was watching, a huge smile on her face. It was that smile that caught my breath. Eyes twinkling, face beaming.

Beauty in innocence.

Later that evening, driving back to church with just Bethany - the boys had stayed and 'hung out' with our pastor's son for the day and the girls were still sleeping as we left - I started various conversations with our oldest daughter.  Asking her about her crushes, her feelings, how she felt about moving.  We talked about her plans for the future and how she'd handle certain situations if they were to arise.  Her comment of, "I don't do or plan to do xyz because of how you've raised us.  You are a good mom, most of the time, and you can tell because I don't do xyz.  You've taught me better than that."  WOW!

Beauty in obedience.

It's these little things that remind me just how much I love being a mama.

How B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L life can be. Motherhood can be.

This was all in just. one. day!  One Day!

I've tucked these memories in the crevices of my mind.  They are catalogued and ready to pull out on days when 'the ugly' happens.  Days when I miss the beauty - despite it's presence.  Days when the enemy is whispering lies of how 'un-beautiful' the mundane of motherhood can be.

This will help me remember......  beauty is ALWAYS there.....  in the little things.  I just need to be purposeful in noticing it.

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