Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall... err winter?.... is in the air

Here it is, early October.

The leaves are turning colors!  Gorgeous bursts of yellow and the occasional red intermingled with fewer and fewer splashes of green, speckle the mountainous landscape of our home.

The moose and mild temps we've been experiencing. Notice the green leaves with just a touch of yellow/orange in the background.  Yellows and oranges are everywhere as we drive around.
Blue skies, white puffy clouds and mild temperatures are encompassing our days.

Just this morning, on Techno-genius's birthday, the temps were cool in the morning, quickly heating up to where little Selah didn't even need a coat while playing outside -- chasing the neighbor's dog who had come for a visit.

But, wait.... the weather channel has issued a WINTER WEATHER WARNING!!!

UMMMM..... Didn't they notice it's F-A-L-L?

We haven't carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, made costumes, put out corn stalks, burned pumpkin spice candles.  It. Can't. Snow!!  Not yet.

Ah yes, then I remember -- we live in Wyoming now.  Snow can come At. Any. Time. Any month.  Any day.

Like today!  It starts in the mid 60's in the morning; the nice warm sun shining to make it comfortable even without a coat; only to DROP to the 20's as the day progresses, allowing S-N-O-W to fall. Temps to drop. Coats to be required.

By the next morning.... we have 6-8 inches of the white stuff covering the ground.
This was taken Oct. 4, 2013.  Just a couple days after the above 'moose' photo.
Fall?  Winter?  Who's keeping track?

The joke here is, "Wyoming has two seasons.  Winter and July!"  We're getting a little taste of that now.  ;-)

Can't say I mind all that much.

It's still so beautiful.

Those trees were such a beautiful hue of yellow against the gorgeous blue skies just a day before.
I also know the temps are supposed to climb back up in the 60's next week.  60's here is pretty. darn. warm!  Guess it's all relative after a snowfall.  LOL!  Not to mention, the elevation makes that sunshine a bit more intense.

I just hope I can get out and get some photos of this beautiful fall foilage before all the leaves drift to the ground -- frozen.

Enjoy your fall, whether it feels like winter where you are (like it did here in Wyoming for a couple days) or summer (like I've heard it's been in Ohio where we used to live).  It's still all part of God's wonderful creation.

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