Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Latest Adventure! Caution: graphic for some

Good friends of ours recently went hunting and shot an elk.

They asked if we'd like to give our kiddos the opportunity to help 'butcher' it.

Well, why not?  When we go hunting next year, we'll save a whole boatload of money if we learn to cut it up into steaks ourselves rather than paying a butcher to do it.

So.........  Off we went.

I 'supervised' and took pictures.
The elk, hanging, waiting to be 'cut up'.

Translation:  I came out once in a while to watch what they were doing, ask a couple questions, and snap a few photos.  Otherwise.... I sat in the house enjoying tremendous relationship building fellowship with my friend while the hubbies and older kids hacked at the elk meat.  ;-)

Doug getting in on the action.
Working on a front leg.

We were skeptical at best as to how the kids would do.  Some of our children have 'weak' stomachs and turn a bit green at just the discussion of such things.  {Yeah, no big dreams of one-day-surgeons in our house.  ~LOL~}

Jacob jumped right in and got to work.

Pleasantly shocked - THEY. ALL. TOOK. PART!!!  And did fabulously, I might add.

Bethany and Elijah working on 'fajita' style meat and 'elkburger' pieces to be ground.
Now THAT'S determination on his face.
Well, the younger three watched for a short time then went about their business of playing.  LOL!

Quite a rack on this elk.
I've informed Doug he needs to seek out such an animal when we hunt b/c I WANT the antlers.

Our friend teaching how to make various 'cuts' of meat.

Jacob wanted a picture
of the rib cage cavity.  Here it is.

By the time they were done, they had cleaned the whole top half of this
wonderful creature.  All that was left was his hind quarters.  Which apparently
hold LOTS of meat, yet.  AMAZING!!!

Thank you to our friends for giving us this opportunity and for a wonderful day filled with precious fellowship, shared meals, playing, laughter, and learning.



  1. Note that this elk held quite a bit more than five hundred pounds of meat.

    1. That's a lot of steaks, roasts, burgers, etc, etc, etc. LOL! Thanks for adding that tidbit of info, son.


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