Monday, October 14, 2013

Craft Room Nook


Shelves are up; boxes and bags filled with craft and sewing supplies are lugged in; 'matching' bins are purchased.

Let the craft/sewing nook organization begin!

When we first moved to Wyoming, I knew 'where' my craft nook would reside. Unfortunately, it had to be put on hold as that space was also the perfect local for Doug's 'office' until the shed remodel was accomplished.

So.... for months, my sewing and craft supplies just sat dormant in boxes in the garage; waiting to be unpacked, re-shelved, and put to use.

In preparation for moving, I had to downsize -- DRAMATICALLY -- the quantity of my craft and sewing inventory.  I knew I couldn't fit it ALL in our new domicile.

I thought I had done a decent job.

However, upon viewing the number of boxes we brought in compared to the space I had to store it, my heart sank.

Was I going to need to do ANOTHER big purge?  How do I decide?  I only kept the stuff 'I'm most likely to use'.  

Here's what I had to unpack and organize, in the space I had to utilize for my nook.  I was certain it would NEVER fit.

All the boxes/bins/bags of sewing/craft supplies I needed to organize and fit in this small 'nook' - plus a small closet.
As I unpacked, I tossed obvious 'trash'.  That made me wonder "Why did I pack it if it's now trash?"  Ha.  Most of what I was tossing was packaging - boxes, bags - that held the various craft supplies which were now finding new homes in cute matching storage containers.

To my GREAT amazement.......... IT. ALL.  FIT!!!!!  With room to spare.  Crazy right?

The overall 'view' of the craft/sewing nook!
Amazing --- ALL that stuff fit here.  (and in the closet on the other side of this space)
I can't wait to get crafty.

Fabric and sewing projects
 under the table.
The 'craft side' of the table.
Nice and open for various projects.

The girls can't wait to make sock monkeys.  LOL!  Last years Christmas gift.  Hmmmmm......

Sewing machine storage and scissors.
The 'sewing side' of the table.

I  just printed off labels for the various bins (instead of 'popcorn' they will tell what's ACTUALLY in each of them); I plan to put some fun 'decorative' wording on the walls, soon; eventually we'll paint the walls which may require some painting of the bins as well to be sure the 'reds' match.  But..... that's another project, for another day!

One half of the closet - filled.
The other half.  Half full.
Love my  new ribbon storage system.

For now...... this is my sewing and craft space.  I could't be happier.  Once I get the school closet/toy closet organized.......... it'll be 'craft time'.

Which is good.  Just in time for making costumes, sock monkeys, turning T-shirts into dresses, and making Christmas gifts.

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