Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some days are...

Some days are just plain hard.

Others are easy and things fall into place nicely.

Some are bumpy.

Others are smooth sailing.

Today -- well, let's just say the pot holes along our path were huge.  The pieces of the puzzle were NOT fitting well together.

I know much of it is MY ATTITUDE.  MY failings.

Yet, at times, I seem to be incapable of stopping the train from derailing.

Schooling the younger girls is falling under this 'hard days' umbrella.

It's funny, (not really, but...) on the one hand things are going pretty well. We're progressing through our lessons nicely; even getting done quicker and quicker each day; learning the 'lay of the land', as it were, in navigating the new e-school.  Yet, on the other hand, I'm tense and terse with the girls.  They are struggling to listen and pay full attention.

When these characteristics come together ----- C-R-A-S-H!!!  It' ain't pretty.

Lessons today would progress for a while nicely only to plummet into a pit, screeching to a halt with tempers high and emotions raw.

The girls daydreaming as they look out the window at the grasshoppers flying by or playing with the phonics box under the desk with their toes.


Unfortunately I ALLOW myself to get flustered by these things.  To take it personally that they aren't listening and paying attention to ME!!!

Words are spoken in frustration.  Feelings are hurt.  Learning is squelched for a time.

Apologies need to be made.  Hugs need to be given.  Learning will resume.

Tomorrow is a new day!  Praise God for that.

Techno-genius is a great source with which to brainstorm solutions.  He reminds me.......

Tomorrow I can start fresh, adding short bursts of breaks when the girls seem to 'not be paying attention -again.'  If things get hairy, we can switch gears - take a walk, get a drink, sing a song.

Hey, didn't I write a blog post about that?  Instead of sighing, singing?  Hmmmmm..... maybe, just maybe I can implement that same idea here.

After all, these precious bundles are worth it.  It may take longer to accomplish our tasks, but.... if the bond between us strengthens, well.... that's what matters most.  "Lord, help me remember that tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, and on and on. - Amen!"

Yep, these smiling faces are more important than any 'agenda'
our school calendar may project.

Yes, some days are rough and bumpy while others run smooth as ice.  My outlook on those not-so-smooth days can make or break me (and the kiddos).

Instead of irritation, I need to Stop.  Pray.  Maybe even SING!

Praying your days (and ours) run more on the smooth side than the bumpy one.

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