Friday, April 4, 2014

Wall Entertainment Center - Part I

Since Techno-genius was on such a roll with re-doing the closet.....

Since we were scheduled for a trip to Fort Collins.....

I had the WONDERFUL idea of having him complete our 'Wall Shelving Entertainment System'.... NOW!

Yeah, he loves me.

So, Tue, while we were in Colorado we made a 'not so quick' stop at Home Depot.  There we picked up boards to use as our shelves, brackets to support them, chains to hang them, and rope to make them 'rustic' looking.

This project should be pretty easy, except......

BEFORE Techno can hang the shelves.......

I have to paint the shelves..... and the wall on which the shelves are going to hang..... and the doorframe on the wall that the shelves are going to hang.   All BEFORE Sat morning.  (It's Friday morning now.)


Guess what I'll be doing today?

First...... a trip to town to get paint.

Second..... remove furniture from the wall/room, tape, and PAINT, PAINT, PAINT!!!!

Could be a LONG day.

Could be an interesting day.

I'm going to call it a GREAT and EXCITING day!

The house is becoming more and more 'homey'.  More and more cozy.  More and more 'OURS'!

That's the thrilling part. The fun part.

The hard work is worth it.

Our current entertainment center.
Yeah, nothing to write home about.
A nice piece of furniture, but doesn't really 'fit' our space and purposes any longer.
It's at an angle so all seating arrangements can actually SEE the TV when it's in use.
Makes for poor use of the space and a crowded 'feel' to the room.
Looking forward to the new look!!!

Can't wait to share the reveal next week.  I'd say tomorrow night, but I don't want to jinx ourselves.  LOL!

I do have a lot of painting to accomplish today/night.  :-/  Along with the typical school day and household chores.  Hmmmmmm........

Also.... stayed tuned to what will become of the clunky entertainment center.  Any guesses?

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