Thursday, September 8, 2016

School Begins - Again.

I couldn't believe summer was coming to an end.

4H fair was complete.

Vacation was over.

Only a week between all the fun activities and school beginning.

That week flew by.

Our books had arrived during fair week and I managed to get everything organized and unpacked during our many trips home to pick up and drop off animals.

We continue to utilize the Wyoming Virtual Academy as our 'homeschooling' choice.  Therefore our K12 school books and supplies always arrive a few short weeks prior to the start of the official school year.

A little excitement filled the air -- especially from Selah.  She was chomping at the bit to get back into her 2nd grade school books.

The other children -- well, we'll just say they weren't QUITE as thrilled about the lazy days of summer coming to and end and the timetabled days of school to begin.

Mama?  The teacher?  Her excitement was probably a rung below the bulk of the children in regards  to leaving the carefree summer days behind to begin the early start, pre-planned school days.

Summer had just gone by too fast.  There was so much I still wanted and needed to accomplish.  So many 'plans' and projects I thought about but never implemented and now? Now my days would be filled with planning, teaching, grading, and supervising school of multiple grades.

Don't get me wrong - I'm so blessed to be able to teach our children at home, but like most other teachers I know, I like the slower pace of summer -- even though they really aren't that carefree as we have such busy schedules, but .... yet .... it's different.

More relaxed.

Maybe it's simply the fact our schedule is less .... scheduled over the summer.

We can sleep in.

Move slow.

Lounge longer.

Read, play, go for a walk, ride bikes, handle bunnies, clean, cook, draw, go camping, build things -- all at a leisurely pace.  All on our own timing.  To some degree.

Even the many activities we are involved with feel like they are more 'optional'.

Once school starts that all changes.

Now?  Now we are on the 'school' schedule.

No longer our 'own'.

Nothing is 'optional'.  It's rather mandatory, really.  It is school after all.  Kids do need to learn and part of that is DOING the schoolwork.

Crazy talk, I tell ya.  But.... it is what it is.  I guess that's why it seems so daunting at times.  There's no 'out'; no option to just 'skip' the whole shebang and have fun day in and day out.

Despite the less than riveting desire to begin, the start of this new school year has been going quite well.

Another pretty easy first week.  Two years running, actually.  No significant glitches in computers.  No major meltdowns over subject matter.  No additional gray hair formation for mom.  (Well, not that I've noticed, anyway. ):-)


The house is a mess, but meals are being prepared.

The laundry is behind, but classes are in session.

The groceries need put away, but the children are learning.

Each year it seems to get easier.

More routine.

More fluid.

(I guess it should, seeing as how we've been at this homeschooling thing for 15 years now.  It's about time it's gotten easier.)  :-)

Only 2 more years with Bethany and Elijah.  I'm trying to enjoy each moment.  Knowing the 'first' day of school for them is coming to a close.  A new chapter will soon begin.

So, despite missing the laxidazical time of summer - I'm embracing ALL the days I have with my wonderful children.

It goes so fast.

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