Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Sweet Spirit

As we celebrate Charity turning 9 years old this week, I couldn't help but admire her sweet spirit.  To be reminded of her caring style.  To observe her thoughtfulness; her quiet nature; her introspective ways.

My sweet adventurous girl turning 9.
Watching Charity grow and mature has been such a blessing.

I know it's been hard for her this past year to be the 'only one' of the three littles to NOT have T1D; celiac; Hashimoto's disease.   I believe in my heart she's glad she doesn't, but I also see how sometimes she feels left out.  Not as special.  To be the only one NOT getting personal attention for pump changes; juices for low blood sugars; snacks before bed to keep her blood sugar stable; unique foods that don't contain gluten.

Yet, I watch her.

She cares for her sisters.

She helps Selah check her blood sugar - even though Selah doesn't 'need' the help.

She punches in the numbers on Selah's pump - even though Selah could do so herself.

She gets things for Trinity even if Trinity is fine and could walk over and get it on her own.

She carries a special bag of juice for her sisters and her dad on vacation -- even though she will not be drinking them.

She does some of the chores on her own as the girls have to eat because their blood sugars are low; or change their pumps since their insulin reservoir is empty.

She reads aloud to Selah - simply because she can.
Decorating cakes.

She works hard at all she does.

Making a nesting box for her rabbit.
Caring.  Loving.  Serving.


She's our 'loner' girl at times.  Just like her big brother Elijah.

Two peas in a pod, those two.

So much alike in so many ways.

Their learning styles mimic one another.  They have similar personality traits.  They are both introverts.  Lovers of animals - of all kinds.  They both make 'piles' on their desks that drives their mama mad.  A little clumsy to boot.  (Charity a bit less so.)  Quiet, yet observant.  Meek, yet fierce when it counts.  Loving beyond measure.  Compassionate and passionate.  Both wearing their hearts upon their sleeves, often.

Loving on a burrow.
Snuggling her bunny.

I see her.

Her loving ways.  Her gentle heart.  Her sweet spirit.
Holding her favorite chicken.

She loves her family.  Cares for her friends.  Adores God's creatures.  Loves her Savior.

We called her the chick whisperer.
Bottle feeding baby goats.

Her first rabbit show.

Lounging with her old pup!

She enjoys the little things.

                    Pretty rocks.
                    Weeds that flower.
                    Feathers from a bird found on the ground.
                    Moths and butterflies.

I'm so very grateful to be her mom.  To watch her grow and flourish.  To see her spirit soar.

I pray her sweetness continues to grow with her.  That her kindness and lovingness never wanes.

As we celebrate this precious life, I give thanks to God for allowing ME - meager old me - to be her MAMA!
Woodworking projects with mom.

To care for her.

To guide her.

To protect her.

To mold her.

To help her be all she's meant to be.

Our sweet, vibrant, talented, young lady - Charity!

That captivating smile!

One of a kind.

Such a joyful little girl.
Our precious little girl.

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