Monday, September 19, 2016

Time is Zooming Along

Last week, Bethany and Elijah had to take an Accuplacer exam so they could get college credit for 3 of their high school classes they are taking on-line.
Elijah at the 4H fair dog show.

Not a big deal.

Bethany this summer at the 4H fair fashion show.

Just an early drive into town to drop them off at the
University to take said test.

Not a big deal.


It hit me....

They are taking this test because they are getting closer and closer to graduating high school and entering that new stage of life -- college.

What?  How?  When?

Yeah, time really does fly when you have kids.

That whole adage "they grow up so fast." is no joke.  They REALLY do grow up fast.

I've known this.  We have 6 kids, after all.  It's not like this is my first rodeo.

Jacob has already spread his wings and gone off to college - rarely returning to the nest.

But.... this day.... it struck me just how quickly it all goes.

2 years.  24 months.  104 weeks.  730 days.  That SEEMS like a long time.

However, those that are parents, know just how short that time really is.

Life continues to happen in those 2 years. School; housework; chores; work; activities; travel; sleep; illnesses; camps; projects; visits; vacation; church - it all just keeps going.  Soon, those 2 years turn into 1.5 years.  Then a year.  Then 6 months and you think.... where did the time go?  What am I going to do?  I have SO much more I want to teach them; do with them; tell them; show them.

Yet, time doesn't cease or even slow down for that matter.

It doesn't care about your feelings; fears; the fact you simply want it to stop -- if only just for a while.

It just keep ticking along.

               Second by second.
                            Minute by minute.
                                         Hour by hour.
                                                  Week by week.
                                                            Month by month.
                                                                       Year by year.
                              seemingly out of nowhere, you are moving yet another child (or two) into the college dorms.

Broadsided by the reality that your little girl; your little boy is now an adult.  Moving on to the next stage of life.


Yes, time really is zooming along.  Our two high schoolers will be heading off to college in no time at all.  That means our little girls will be entering Jr High then High School in close to the same short timeframe.

It won't be long as these three littles will also be striking out on their own.  Say it isn't so.
Even though we still have 10 more years with our youngest - that time too - will slip away in a heartbeat.

One day I'll be thinking about and possibly writing a post about our LAST child heading off to college.  How the time with her was so, so short.

Remember those months, weeks, days that just tick away?  Yeah, that's happening as I type.

It's hard to believe that the day will come when all these precious gifts we call children will be on their own.  Out from under our wings. (Insert nostalgic tears here)

For now, I'm just going to embrace today.

I'm going to try to remember how quickly the time goes and therefore enjoy the moments I have left with the 5 children that are still living full time at home.

To talk and listen more. 
To laugh and play often.  
To teach and encourage daily.
To smile and hug as much as I can.

Time is ticking away.  They won't stay home forever.

As they shouldn't.

But, they ARE here now.  For that I am grateful.  With that I will take full advantage of the time I do have with them and teach them, guide them, love them.

With all I have to offer.

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