Monday, March 21, 2016

Dishes and Bubbles

Striving to teach the girls responsibility, they have taken over the chore of morning dishes as well as cleaning of the table, chairs, and counters.

They have developed their own 'schedule' for splitting up these chores.  I don't intervene unless someone is choosing to not 'do their part'.

In general the girls enjoy this task.

You know... soap, bubbles, water.  What's not to like?

I can't say the chore is accomplished quickly.

I can't say the dishes are always spotless.

I can't say they are put in the drain in a fashion to actually dry.

But... I can say the girls generally tackle their task with gusto.

They usually collaborate on this chore in a positive manner.

Giggles and laughter are often heard.

Today was no exception.

Fun was being had as a new discovering was unearthed.


Big bubbles like you get when you 'blow bubbles'.

Strong bubbles that could be 'caught' in precious little hands.

Selah was so excited to show me the bubble she caught.

All caused by dipping a plastic cup into the soapy water and tilting it back up allowing the air to escape through the surface of the water, creating..... B-B-B-BUBBLES!!!!

Charity too wanted to show off her bubble.

(I'm certain there was also a Science lesson hid in there somewhere.)

Even more fun was catching said bubbles in your hand; carrying them to show mom; all while they stayed -- not popping.

What fun.

What joy.

What discovery.

All while doing..... dishes.

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