Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Growing Chicks

It's amazing how quickly the chicks are changing.

When we brought them home they were little puffs of fluff.


Well, they are still puffs of fluff, but they are growing their little wings.  Some even have the beginnings of their tail feathers.

You can see wings on these 2 in the front.
Stunning to watch how quickly they change.

They know to scratch and peck the ground as if foraging for food.  They know to 'gargle' their water and eat some grit to help digest their food.  They know to go to under the heat lamp when they get cold.  Or to move away from it if too hot.

Eating from their food bin.
(You can really see the wing on the one chick)
Pecking and scratching --
they LOVE the green door

It's really quite astounding.

No mama hen teaching them.  Just instincts.

God given instincts of how to survive in this new world they were thrust into.

I love to watch the kids excitement as they spend time each day holding and loving on these cute little chickies.

They might be tiny, but they
are quick.  The girls get nervous
about dropping them.
She wants the chicks to love her --
she sure loves them.
We only have one like this.
A Columbian Wyondotte.
Special friends.  Special bond.

Elijah has the touch with this little one.
My favorite right now - a Dark Brahma.

Silas continues to monitor their progress from the foosball table as well.  He consistently attempts to sneak into the back porch every chance he gets.  Once he actually managed to join us when the girls left their door ajar as we were 'visiting' with the chicks.

Fortunately, we were all there and we whisked him right back out almost immediately.  No harm, no foul.  (Pun again, intended)

Each day is fun and exciting so far. I hope the kids continue to feel this way as these little puffs turn into actual 'chickens'. From what I hear teenage chickens aren't so cute and cuddly.  LOL!

Hmmm... sounds similar to the human variety.  (Just kidding)

Still super cute and cuddly.
 A couple barely have their little wings - although most are getting a nice little wing span.

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