Monday, March 14, 2016

Dress-up and Tea Parties

In the last few days the girls have been quite enamored with their dress-up outfits and having tea parties.

Sometimes I heat up water on the stove and they have a 'real mug' of tea.

Other times... they choose to get their little tea sets out; they get hot water from the sink; put a tea bag in their little tea pot; cream in their little creamer container; and splenda and sugar in little sugar bowls.  They sit around the dining room table and serve each other tea.


The conversations I hear as they have this little 'tea time' makes me smile.  British accents abound.


As I glance into their little world I see sweet pinkies outstretched as they lift their tiny tea cups to their lips.


Smiles exude as they sip and chat and make up their pretend lives.  Sharing stories and antics as they enjoy their afternoon treat.


Sparkly dresses, shiny shoes, floppy hats, flowing capes, and feathered boas adorn their slight frames.


Even at 7, 8, and 10 they still enjoy this wonderful time of make-believe.  I love that.  They are growing up so fast.  Seeing this innocent act of childhood still present in their lives, makes my momma heart flutter.

I pray they hold on to these precious moments of sharing time with their siblings.

As they grow, it may turn into 'coffee chats' at the local coffee shop, but I hope they still dress up, share stories, laugh, giggle, and even protrude their little fingers as they talk with British accents and share life together.

What memories they are making.

What traditions they are forming.

May they keep them close to their hearts as the years pass.  May they continue to want to spend such time together.  May they always want to chat and giggle with their sisters.

One day, may their own children dress up and have tea parties with their cousins, bringing tears of joy to both their mammas and their grand-mamma.

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