Friday, April 8, 2016

1 Year Diaversary Take 2

Just last month we celebrated the 1 year mark of Selah's diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes.

Today we celebrate that same milestone with Trinity.  Just 3 weeks later.

One year ago today, we checked her fasting blood sugar to get a reading of somewhere around 250.
This was the evening I knew in my heart.  Her cheeks were
sunken.  She had little energy.  She was thin and pale.
The next morning we tested.  Suspicion confirmed.

We knew.

Our hearts sank.

How could this be?  3 weeks after her little sister, how could she too be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?  It was surreal.
So pale and thin.  Even a couple months before diagnosis.
How did we not notice?

Again, how do you celebrate such a life sentence?

Once again I'm reminded of the alternative.

Although we wish she had never been diagnosed with this incessant disease, that wasn't the hand we were dealt.  SHE was dealt.  Trinity DOES have T1D.

We celebrate because she's no longer skeletal.  Her body now uses the foods she eats to nourish itself instead of destroying itself.
Fullness back her face.  Eyes not so sunken.
Dexcom proudly present to monitor blood glucose levels.
She feels better too.

The very day she was diagnosed she made the comment, "I don't like the shots, but they sure make me feel a lot better."

Giving herself her own life saving insulin
shot for the first time.
Little sister cheering her on, wearing her
continuous glucose monitor proudly.
Celebrate?  You bet.  It may not be ideal, but her body can now process the foods she eats.  Her body can heal and grow.  She's no longer fading away.

We are celebrating the strength she's shown; she's developed.  Her perseverance is inspiring.  Her bravery breathtaking.

We celebrate the fact we can now fight this beast - this destroyer.  Just as Satan goes back and forth like a predator, seeking to destroy and kill, so is the nature of type 1 diabetes.  We celebrate the fact we now have the knowledge of this monster's presence so we can be on guard and protect against it's attacks.  It's attempts to loot and demolish.

Although this day brings tears - sadness even - as we recall the childhood lost; the perceived health diminished. As we acknowledge the precarious tightrope balance between life and death.  We still celebrate because despite the difficulties, the challenges, the anxiety, we have the opportunity to feel all these things because ---- Trinity.

Pink cheeks, weight gained, body restored.


That's. Why. We. Celebrate!

That's why we will continue to celebrate!!

Each day, each month. Each year.

Each D-I-A-V-E-R-S-A-R-Y!!

What a difference a year (well almost a year)
can make.

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