Thursday, April 14, 2016

Needing More Space

As the chicks grow -- which they are doing by leaps and bounds -- it's becoming obvious we need to expand their brooder.

They are getting quite large.
They still have several weeks (if not more w/our crazy weather) before they can move out to the big coop, so in the meantime I believe we are going to need to make a chick brooder duplex.

Originally I thought we'd just make a second brooder box - pretty much  just like the first one.   However, the more I've considered it, the more I'd hate to separate out any of the chicks.  How do I know who are chickie friends and who aren't?  Who wants to stay together and who wants to move?

So.... instead, we are going to expand the current brooder so all the growing chicks have plenty of room WITHOUT leaving their little chickie friends.

First, just look at how they've grown!

Their getting tall.
Soon they'll be AS TALL as the thermometer.

I've been using the thermometer on the back wall as a gauge.  You can see how much further they stand each week next to the numbers on the thermometer.  Amazing!

Bigger and sharper each day, it seems.

Plus, those feet!  Even bigger this week than last.  The 'toe nails' (for lack of a better description) are REALLY getting long and talon like now.  Pretty crazy.

Not to mention, the combs on their heads.  They have them now.  When they were just little puff balls, they didn't really have the combs -- well, at least you couldn't see them.  They are becoming oh so apparent now.
She has a nice little comb coming in.
A good side view of her pretty 'comb'.

In addition, the down like fuzz is quickly being replaced by more and more feathers. In some spots they look a little 'bare' as the fuzz falls off before the feathers replace it.  But, for the most part, they just have big, growing feathers.

Wing feathers.

Tail feathers.

Feathers, feathers, feathers.

Less 'fuzz' and more feathers abound.
It's getting harder to catch them with one hand as they have grown so much.  Watching the girls hold them is cute as now the chicks fill both their little hands quite readily.

Still her favorite - little Silver Fox - the Columbian Wyandotte.

The little dark brahma.  One of my favorites.

Either a speckled sussex or a golden wyandotte.

They are very active too.  They hop, jump, fly around inside the brooder to get to the food, water, grit, and just to hop over one another.

Once we open the door, they REALLY go crazy as they are still fearful of being picked up despite daily handling.

Come back soon as I'll update the progress on their chick duplex construction and how they enjoy the expanded space.

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