Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Spring Day

Yes, spring officially sprung last month, but about that time, here in Wyoming we got about ...... hmmmm..... 8 - 10 inches of snow.

Hence, it hasn't felt much like spring here.  LOL!

Until.............. Last week!

Well, maybe a couple other days, but this day the drifts were melting and we could walk through ALMOST our entire yard without climbing through and over 5 ft drifts.  (Everywhere EXCEPT around the chicken coop and rabbit hutch.  It's still a good 3-5 ft there.  CRAZY!  Maybe it would be a good idea to relocate those things?  Nah, where's the fun in THAT?)

With the sun shining, the breeze warm, and the snow melting the girls and I decided to venture outside to do trash pick-up around the property.

You see, the critters and our very own dog, enjoy our trash and recycling.  All through the winter they get IN to said trash and recycling.  The raccoons, foxes, and who knows what other critters have officially stolen or lost one of the lids to our outdoor garbage cans so now it's a 'free for all'.  The pup thinks the recycling shed is his own personal toy bin.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of stuff floating around our fenced in yard from the pup playing in the recycling bin and the rest of the unfenced yard from the wildlife getting into our trash as well.  The wind then picks up said stuff and carries it even further around the yard.  (Sorry, neighbors.  We are trying to figure out a new plan now that I know the lid is gone.)  With the snow falls we've had, the trash was being covered by snow so it didn't look quite so atrocious, nor had I realized just. how. much. the critters were causing a ruckus with our garbage.


Last week, the girls and I grabbed a huge black outdoor trash bag and began making a sweep of the yard.  Most of it got 'stuck' in the trees and bushes along the creek bed area - a blessing since it acted as a barrier and kept it from TOTALLY infiltrating the neighborhood.  We picked up a myriad of 'junk' that had been scattered about by animals and wind as we made our way around our property.

In addition, we found a pair of socks - yep, you read that right, a pair of socks by the creek; at least 4 hats and 2 sets of ear muff type things; and a multitude of toys; not to mention 2 of our sleds.  Yes, 2 sleds were covered in snow and buried under the trampoline.  Go figure.

Once we finished our 'chore', Trinity and Charity returned inside to finish their school.  Selah and I had a great time outside for another 1/2 hour or so tossing a frisbee around.  Mostly throwing and chasing said frisbee, but it was good exercise and kept us both outside in the sunshine.  Vitamin D is good for the body, right?

Tossing the frisbee for mom to chase.

Trying to catch the frisbee.  She reached a bit too high.

Watching Selah and I play, made Trinity and Charity hurry along with their lessons and they too went out and tossed the frisbee.  We all love when the weather gets nicer after a long, cold, snowy winter.

Tossing and chasing the frisbee.
Just look at that view.  I'd happily sit on the porch
and look at the mountains while they play frisbee.

Retrieving the frisbee was half the fun this day.

It was a good day.  We're all looking forward to more snow melting and more time outside.  One day soon, hopefully the chicken coop and rabbit hutch area will be melted as well and we can get to work making improvements there.

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