Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Comedy During Pump Change

I have written about changing the girls' insulin pumps before.  My focus was on Selah and how she handled a pump change one night.  How brave she was.  How wise she was.

This time my focus is a little more light hearted.

It was pump change day again.  As it is every 3 days.

Trinity gathered all the supplies we'd need.  I put the cream on the girls to numb the area for the 'Big Poke' that accompanies the insert of the new inset for the pump.

She went through the normal routine -- rewinding the old cartridge while I filled her new cartridge with life saving insulin.  Then putting the new cartridge and tubing into the pump.  Loading the cartridge. Priming the pump tubing.  She consistently does all this on her own.

Finally it's time to insert the needle for the new inset.

This is definitely not something Trinity enjoys.

In fact it causes quite a bit of anxiety in her little mind and body.

It's often hard not to smile as she shakes her head 'no' frantically, telling me she's NOT yet ready for the 'big poke' all the while taking fast deep breaths to the point of making me fear she may hyperventilate.  I try to remind her the longer she puts it off, the more her numbing cream will wear off and the more the poke will hurt.

Usually after a couple seconds to a minute of this, she's ready and finally gives me the nod of approval to squeeze the applicator, inserting the needle to place the inset.

This time?  Let's just say she took it to a whole new level.

As I placed the applicator over the numb area on her tush, she began shaking her head no while verbally squeaking out, 'no poke, no poke, no poke.'  I sat with the needle prepped but not squeezing to insert the needle as I always do.  Waiting for her to give the nod of approval, letting me know she had steeled herself for the poke.  She didn't trust that I was going to wait and in a panic bellowed, "Don't poke me.   Not yet.  Don't poke or I'll tell mommy."

I couldn't help but burst into laughter along with the rest of the family.  Her threat of telling mom - which she uses on her sisters, was now being used on........ MOM herself.

Laughter helped her relax and a few moments later she finally gave the go ahead to insert the needle.

A gasp.  A sigh.  A deep breath.

The cannula was inserted, the needle was removed, the tape adhered.

Finally, inset is complete for another 3 days.  Phew.  We survived another pump change.

It's not easy.  It's not fun.  I'm sure it's more than a little painful.  But.... we got through it. She got through it.  With laughter even.

Here's to yet another day of living and thriving with Type 1 Diabetes.  Even if it's as simple as a good chuckle over minced words during a bit of a panic attack.

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