Monday, March 30, 2015

and now.... the Flu!

This past Thur we experienced Selah's first mildly low blood sugar.

We took Elijah in for shooting sports, then wandered around the local flea market to kill time before picking him back up, and finally headed to a graduation dinner for a young man in our church.

While walking around, Selah commented that she was hungry.  We didn't think much of it as we knew we'd be eating within an hour or so.

We arrived at the church and checked her blood sugar to prep for her insulin dose.


Her 'range' is 70-150.

Hmmmm.... It was still a good half hour before we would really be eating.

As time progressed, she got quieter, shyer.  (If that's even possible).

Finally, as we were standing in line to get her food, she began to wilt.  She pressed into me, her face contorted, and tears fell.

At least now we know some of her tell tale signs that she's experiencing a low blood sugar.

She ate. We gave her insulin for the food ingested.  She was fine.

Fast forward to this morning.

I woke her up around 7:00 am to check her blood sugar.

Whoa!  High.  320.

We decided on breakfast. Calculated her carbs; her correction factor.  Administered insulin.

She whimpered when I gave her the shot.  Leg shots seem to hurt the most for her right now.

Moments after, she started coughing.  You know the cough.  The kind that indicates vomiting is not far behind.

She then stated she didn't feel well.

We rushed to the restroom - just in case.

I hoped it was just from being worked up over her shot.  She really doesn't like shots in her leg, but given the limited 'real estate' options we have, we keep her legs in the rotation -- just not as often.

She decided to come back to the table and said she felt a little better.

I began getting her breakfast ready.

A 'barf bucket' close at hand - just in case - was good practice because minutes after presenting her food before her...... you guessed it...... she threw up!

Techno became alarmed because I had just given her a pretty good dose of insulin based on her high blood sugar and her anticipated carb ingestion.

She. Wasn't. Eating.

We were so blessed that Techno knew just what to do.  He'd 'been there done that' on his own.

Ginger Ale; candy mints; jelly beans; crackers; a popsicle; a tootsie pop.  Whatever we could get her to eat to keep her blood sugar from plummeting.

This was a severe challenge.

She'd eat a mint and drink a little ginger ale followed almost immediately by throwing it all back up.

We kept this little dance up over the next several hours.

Monitoring her blood sugar every 45 minutes to an hour to be sure it wasn't going to extremes in either direction.  Our biggest fear being it getting too low.

At 11:00 her blood sugar was 129.


Dodged that bullet.  Her insulin dose should have been mostly out of her system at that point.

Now we just had to keep a little sugar in her to keep the long lasting stuff from working too well while she wasn't feeling up to regular food.

Nothing quite like getting thrown to the wolves in all things diabetic the first week.

I feel blessed that Techno knew exactly what to do and we were able to stay on top of her condition without needing any emergency medical attention.

It's always hard to see your little one sick.  Adding diabetes to the mix sure escalated the stress factor involved.

Here's praying she recovers quickly from the stomach bug and that we continue to weather this storm with grace and triumphs.

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