Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anger and Be of Good Cheer

Why is it when life knocks us on our tush, that's when all of our doubts, fears, shortcomings, faults, and misgivings come rushing out as well?

I get that when we're down it's easy to stay down or go further down simply b/c we're struggling.

However, I also acknowledge that the enemy WANTS to keep us down.  He wants us to doubt. To blame. To become angry.

When we're angry, we hurt those around us.  We hurt ourselves.  We stay 'stuck' in a less-than-great place.

My friend, our pastor's wife, recently posted a devotional of sorts from her Bible reading one day last week on anger.

It made me think of our current situation.

Satan would LOVE to keep me in a place of fear and uncertainty because he knows I tend to get angry when I'm in that state.  Shoot, he knows anger is my 'go to' for many emotions.  It's my 'survival mode' reaction.

 However, God doesn't want me to stay there, to be there.

He wants MORE for me.  From me.

It's my CHOICE to allow anger to surface in this situation.  Not that it's WRONG to be upset about this predicament in which we find ourselves.  That's normal.  It's one of the stages of grief and we need to go through it.

But, that's the key -- THROUGH!!!

It's not good to get immobilized there.  To stay there.  To react there.

I'm not saying I'm GOOD at going THROUGH anger.  I do tend to dawdle there - too often.

I do anger well.  (If there's such a thing as doing anger well.)

What I mean is, anger has been my means to get past a lot of things.  It's served me well.  At times, it's even bettered me.  However, I'm not sure it's helped me better others.

Now? This situation?  I NEED to help Selah.  I need to help myself.

Our family needs to come out of this 'better'.

Anger is not. going. to. cut. it.

Yes, I may have fear.  I may have misgivings.  I may have uncertainty.

But.... I can't allow those emotions, those feelings to spiral down to the anger to which I usually default.

I need to lean on God. Pray for HIS strength, because I know my own isn't enough.  I'm not strong enough to weather this storm alone.

I need to, as my friend stated, 'Be of good cheer' BEFORE I feel the anger tugging me down.  Pulling me to a state of reaction.

Be of good cheer.  That's what God calls me to.  That's what God provides.

I'm not saying I'm going to 'fake it till I make it' because I do need to feel these feelings. I  do need to go THROUGH these emotions.

I am saying I'm going to choose to NOT allow anger to get me stuck.  To swallow me.  To hold me captive.

Be of good cheer.  That needs to be my motto now and the days to come.

With God...... I CAN.....  go.....  THROUGH this.

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