Friday, April 3, 2015

Family Bonds

Seeing how our other children have responded to the news that Selah is a type 1 diabetic, has been quite heart warming.

The worry they exhibited as we left for the hospital that Thursday night.

The sadness they displayed when they heard the diagnosis.

The relief they exuded knowing she was ok - despite the diagnosis.

The willingness to learn about her diagnosis.

It's all been.... AMAZING!

Charity wants to know Selah's blood sugar numbers EVERY TIME I take it.

Trinity monitors how many carbs are in the foods we're preparing. She keeps track of what Selah's eating and let's me know. 

Elijah stands beside me, getting the blood glucose monitor ready; test strips out; alcohol swab prepared.  He's anxious to help care for his baby sister.

Bethany is the comforter.  She holds Selah's hand or distracts her as I'm giving her shots.

Jacob just wishes he could be home more to help.

This new experience we're going through?

It's been quite the means for our family to bond.

It's brought us closer.

Those first days, that first week, really - when I was so distraught - the older kids really chipped in.

They did their chores without being asked. They helped the younger girls with schoolwork while Techno and I were gone with Selah.

In essence.... they held down the fort.

I'm glad that in these times of trouble, we have all pressed in to one another - not pulled apart.

I'm sure in the future we may still have times of upheaval. Times of grief. Times where we will pull away instead of pressing in.

Yet, I feel certain, more often than not - our family will hold tight -- to one another..... To God.

Through those actions - we'll pull through ---- just fine.

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