Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life Goes On

Isn't it interesting how life just moves along even when something monumental happens to us?

Yep, life doesn't seem to get the memo when we'd like it to just 'slow down' or even stop, because of circumstances we are going through. Circumstances out of our control.

That's what I'm learning as we adapt to our new 'norm' of parents of a diabetic child.

Church activities, grocery shopping, orthodontist appointments, work, school....

They.... all.... just... kept.... going.

Last week Elijah got braces put on his lower teeth.

Not exactly a fun day, but exciting - sorta.

Since we were out and it was lunch time, we grabbed lunch out as a treat.

He picked Q-doba.

A nice time of chatting and munching.

It's always nice to spend a little one-on-one time with each kiddo.

We've found dentist, doctor, and orthodontist appointments a perfect built in opportunity to do this.

I enjoyed hearing about Elijah's interests as we ate.


Books. Particularly Lemony Snickets.


I listened to his feelings of Jacob being off at college and the joy he gets when Jacob is home for a spell.

It was nice.

Just the two of us.

Just normal life.

Life does go on.

That's good.

No, it's GREAT!

It was wonderful to have a break from counting, calculating, thinking about diabetes.

I knew Selah was in good hands. Safe at home with daddy and her sisters.  Her needs would be tended to.

For those couple of  hours, I just sat.  Listening.  Talking.  Enjoying time with our son.

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