Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bear Trap

After the attempted break in by the bear, the game warden arrived the next day with a live bear trap to set up in our yard.

Who'da thunk it!  A B-E-A-R   T-R-A-P.......... in. our. front. lawn!


Instructions were given to call IMMEDIATELY if we heard it slam shut.  "Just look out to see if the door is shut, run out and check with a flashlight to see that it is in fact a BEAR in the trap, then call the game warden."

Sound easy peasy?

I'm certain I barely slept that night.  Thump here, thud there.  Bears were being caught all night long.......  in my over active imagination anyway.

I did hear a huge crash in the night, but no bear was in the trap. Come to discover a lamp in the girls room fell over.  Of course it did.

Then we were off to camp for the weekend.

When we arrived back home Sunday afternoon, the trap was gone.  Did they catch the bear? Did he attempt to break and enter in another location?  Where's the trap?

All these questions and more we're hoping to answer tomorrow with a quick call to the Game Warden.

Come back soon and see what we find out.

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