Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swimming and Camping

After our excitement with breaking and entering bears, we headed out for a different sort of adventure with swimming in Saratoga and camping in Colorado.

Fun was had by all.

Pizza for lunch.

A quick stop at the 'Antiques and Junque' store where daddy found a 'skinning knife.'

Finally the pool.  Splishing, splashing, slipping, sliding.

The water was nice and warm!

Swimming was a blast.

Dunking and diving!

Splashing daddy as he 'gets' the girls!

So proud she can stand in the pool!

Our little dare-devil LOVES the water!

Happily 'running' away.

Decisions, decisions - go down or not?

The hot springs were oh so hot and relaxing.

Bethany ventured all the way IN the VERY HOT SPRINGS!  The boys weren't so sure.  It WAS HOT!
Unfortunately, the river where the hot springs overflows, was too crowded so we didn't get a chance to play there - usually a favorite by many.

A quick trip home to pick up our camper and Apollos and away we went.

A not-so-long jaunt to a hunting cabin on private property in Colorado where we met some friends for a weekend of camping fun.

finally...... eating s'mores!

Gathering sticks for the 'fort'!

Bonfires, hot dogs, s'mores, rope swings, air soft gun wars, building forts, hiking, dirt bike riding, singing campfire songs, picking flowers, shooting guns, hamburgers, coyotes and wolves howling, fellowship, sharing life, a shooting star, staying up late telling jokes with friends, sleeping in a hunting cabin (boys), even walking the dog - all made for a memorable weekend family get-away.

Looking forward to more of the same in the future.

Taking mom to the fort.
Proud of their efforts!

Elijah riding with his friend on a dirt bike -- a first.

From riding on the back to riding on his own!
Bethany decided she LOVES
dirt bike riding.

Riding on her own!  Look at her go.

Jacob now WANTS a dirt bike!  Boys and their toys.

The view from our campsite as we headed off on our hike.

A deer skeleton we stumbled across on our hike.

Climbing, hiking!  Such troopers.
Cute girl in the back of a
pick up truck!

The road back to our truck.

Selah's blessed to have a loving and STRONG
big sister who carried her MOST of the way
on our hike.

Yeah, they are THAT cute!

Country girls in the making!
Making a 'house' of sticks.
Raking and working.... just because.

Pretending to 'start a fire'?

Adding some pine leaves.

The whole 'motley crew'!  (minus one little one and all the grown-ups)
Our last dinner before our friends left Sat night.
What a blessing and wonderful time of fellowship with great new friends.

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