Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer School

Today we began our 'summer review work'.  {Sounds better than 'summer school' when presenting the idea to kiddos.}  Particularly with the littles.

It was fun and excruciating at the same time.  ;-\

Trinity is fairly independent.  You can go over the directions for an 'assignment' and send her on her way.  Being an independent reader opens so many doors.

Of course, she had the occasional lapse where she'd work on Selah's assignment instead of her own. Giggle/sigh.  Or she'd finish her work and goof off rather than ask mom what to do next.

Charity, on the other hand, needed mama to sit on top of her to be sure she was doing the task at hand vs. coloring in the paint drop on her desk the entire time.  Sigh.

She managed to keep it together and finished working on some math, reading, and writing.  Seems she's retained ALL of her reading skills and most of her writing skills.  Her math, on the other hand, well.... let's just say there's a reason we're doing summer review.

I swear I'm teaching Elijah all over again.  ;-)  I lost count of how many times she 'dropped' her pencil and ended up under the desk instead of on her chair.  Ha.

Selah did amazing!

Mind you she's not done 'official school' to date. She's colored, worked puzzles, painted, looked at books, and played with playdough while we did work with the other girls, but no 'real' school.

On this day, she identified number 1-10 as well as did correspondence counting of the same numbers; she traced straight, diagonal, zig zag lines and circles; and she identified shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and rhombus.  All quite independently.

Not bad for her first day of 'official' school work.

It was nice to sit and engage with the girls in their 'studies'.

They enjoyed having the time with mom and recalling some of the information they learned over the past year.

The older kids did some independent work as well.

Jacob has been refreshing his Spanish; Bethany worked on some math; and Elijah did some reading.

Tomorrow we'll do some more. We'll progress through our review so our little brains will be set to 'go back to school' come August/Sept.

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