Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jubilee Days' Parade

After the rodeo we had a 'sleep over' at Aunt Biff's house.  A great time was had by all.  Apollos especially loved taking over Aunt Biff's sleeping bag while everyone brushed their teeth and got ready for bed.  :-)

All spread out on Aunt Biff's living room floor.
Well, all but mom, dad, and granddad. They opted to sleep in .... beds!

Saturday we managed to head to the Jubilee Days' Parade after a yummy breakfast of cinnamon roles prepared by the amazing Aunt Biff.  Yummo!

A fun time that even Apollos was able to experience.  Well, all but the rolls. Those were reserved for the non-furry folks.


We enjoyed a walk as a family to and from the parade route -- a nice perk to staying with Aunt Biff the night before the parade.

And waiting some more.

No hassles finding a parking spot.  No traffic delays while roads were closed for the parade route.  Just walked out the door and headed to the excitement.

Horses, floats, a gentle bull with an 8 foot horn span, the rodeo queen and princesses, company's displaying their logos, high school classes, fire trucks, a 'toy' ride on train, and tractors were but a few of the fun attractions in the parade.

The HUGE horned bull - yet a gentle giant.

The girls especially liked THIS attraction!

Comical advertisement for a
chiropractor.  Clever.

Fitting as we often call our kiddos pickles.

Adorable and a neat looking horse.

Just loved the 'old timey' look of this 'queen'.

The local bed and breakfast ranch near Centennial
where we had a date and took the kids on our
mother/son and daddy/daughter dates.

Following the parade we made our way uptown to 'check out' the festivities, but more importantly to hit the thrift stores.

Trinity's new hat!

Charity sportin' her cowgirl hat.

What a jackpot day to boot.

We found Doug, Elijah, Trinity, Charity, and Selah cowboy/girl hats!!!  We purchased all five for less than what Doug's would have been new. YEEHAW!  Gotta love a bargain.  Nice hats too.

Bethany inherited Elijah's old hat; wearing her new shirt!

An added bonus was the purchase of a 'cowgirl' type shirt for Bethany to wear for her character in the VBS skit she'd be in the coming week.  Must say, she looks darn cute in it!

Selah's new hat!  We found a black one to match the rest
of the family, but she was having none of it.
She wanted a hat w/'girly' colors!

So much fun in so little time.  Amazing how living here sorta feels like 'vacation' day to day.  This is a neat thing, but challenging at the same time.

Mom and Dad in their 'cowboy gear'!  

Poor Techno-genius is used to being out West when we are on vacation and he does't have to stay cooped up inside trudging away on his computer.  He's used to fishing, hiking, playing at the park, driving around and checking out scenery.

Elijah in his new hat!

Such is the adjustment to living where you once vacationed.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures! Looks like a good time and glad to see all the fun!


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