Friday, July 19, 2013

Snuggle Time

It seems our girls have developed a 'tradition'.  A tradition of snuggling with mommy and daddy first thing in the morning.  {Predominately mommy.}

We've taught them to 'stay in their room' until 7:00 am, but after that... GAMES ON!

(This allows Techno and I to a) sleep in b) do our Bible study and prayer time together and/or c) sit outside with a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet for a few minutes.)

Come 7am, however, we hear the pitter patter of little elephant feet.  You see, it's not the quiet, soft pitter patter one imagines from tiny feet.  Instead it's a loud, thunder of clomping, pounding as they make their way to mom and dad's room.

If awake, we can steal ourselves for the high jump that catapults Charity onto the bed - usually smack in the middle of my shins -- OUCH!; then we grab on tight to the covers as Selah uses them as her anchor to pull herself up onto the mattress; next Trinity jumps to the edge and crawls her way on top of mommy since the other two have secured their spots on either side of me.  (By this time daddy already has to log on to start work, so the girls have mama all to themselves.  AND I have them all to myself.)

Next they work at burrowing down next to me, securing blankets about them to 'get warm' -- usually managing to uncover mom and each other in the process.

A few minutes of close snuggling ensues.

Soon the questions and commments start:  Can I play your iPod?  Will you scratch my back?  I need a pillow.  Rub my arm?  Don't leave, Mommy.  Are you ready to get my breakfast?  Can I help you make coffee?

I must admit - despite the bruises on my knees, the tired arms, the ringing ears, the spinning head: this IS one of my favorites times of each day.

I love that our girls still want to snuggle.

That they 'fight' over their spot next to mama.

That they want me to rub their backs.

That they clamor to help me make our morning coffee.

That they WANT. TO. BE. WITH. ME!!!

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