Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Cowgirls in the Making

Bethany and Elijah have made friends with the neighbor kiddos. This has been a blessing on so many levels.  Obviously new friendships, but also experiences our children wouldn't otherwise have at this juncture in our lives.

This winter Elijah had the opportunity to ride a snow mobile -- that's something even his dad, big brother, and I have not had the privilege to do.  Go Elijah!

They also were able to build snow tunnel forts on the neighbors property and spring huts once all the snow melted.  What fun!

Another HUGE benefit has been horses.  Our neighbors own three on their property and their daughter has been giving Bethany 'lessons' on caring and riding.

Such. A. Great. Experience. And. Blessing!

All of our girls, but especially Bethany, love horses and really want US to own horses on OUR property.

For now -- this will have to suffice.

Being invited for a 'play date' not only for the two older kids, but for the littles and me as well, off we went with hopes of petting and even riding the horses.

Oh, the joy as Selah, Charity, Trinity, and Bethany all took turns riding 'Pumpkin' -- their smaller pony.

I wondered how each girl would react to being on the horse - alone.

Selah was such a TROOPER.  Holding on tight and feeling ever so confident, she bounced around as Bethany led Pumpkin first around the arena then around the whole yard.  She didn't want to get off and let her sisters have a turn. She figured she could just 'keep on a ridin'.  The only time she got upset was
when it was time to get OFF the pony.

Charity was next. She too did AMAZING.  She would make Bethany 'stop' whenever she had an itch as she didn't want to let go of the bolster of the saddle while in motion.  None-the-less, she was all smiles as she rode around the pasture.

Next up was Trinity.  Nervous at first and a bit apprehensive about even getting ON the horse, she did FABULOUS!  She even managed to hold on tight as Bethany got Pumpkin to trot for a bit with her.  Glowing grins illuminated her face as the ride came to an end due to how proud she was of herself.

Finally, Bethany had her turn at riding Pumpkin.  She's getting more and more used to being on a horse.  I love to see her up in the saddle.  She smiled, ear to ear, holding the reigns as Kinley led Pumpkin around the yard.  Soon she'll be doing all that on her own.  What a proud moment that will be.

What a wonderful afternoon.  Filled with horse back riding, chatting, playing in the dirt, climbing on rocks and other fun outdoor terrain; we eventually said our goodbyes and made our way back home.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to more 'play dates' with our new neighbors and friends.

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