Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Decorating style..... or lack thereof

Throughout my life I have gone through a myriad (I seem to like that word, I use it a lot - in this post alone lets count how many times I can utilize myriad) of decorating styles.

Or.... some might say a lack of decorating style. :-/

Upon getting married, I wanted to decorate our home. That's what wives do, right?

At that time we had received a PLETHORA of pretty china and crystal type bowls, vases, and candle holders as wedding gifts.  One just MUST display them all. So I thought.  Add to that the myriad of knick knacks I had as a teenager and I'm sure you can imagine the 'clutter' I had going on.

Time moved on.

I learned how difficult it was to dust and clean with such a myriad of 'decorations' and I had a good friend help me learn to de-clutter my surroundings.

I went from pretties displayed everywhere to blank walls and empty tables and countertops.  Yes, one might say I'm prone to extremes.

Gradually, I allowed a few items here and there back into my 'decorating style - or lack thereof'.

In general, most of our decorations seemed to be sentimental items given to us by family and friends; mementos from trips; items that typified aspects of our lives and our kids' lives.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing too expensive.  Probably nothing truly decorative at all, to be honest.

Now, older and a bit wiser, I long to try to really decorate our home and make it cozy, warm, inviting.

My only problem?  I still seem to lack a true decorating style. I still feel I need to keep the myriad of sentimental mementos.

I have 'ideas' in my head, a myriad of them, but not a full picture.  Sometimes what I attempt comes out well.  Other times.... let's not mention those.

Now that we are all moved in to our mountain abode, I'm excited to try to FIND my decorating style.

The most challenging part is going to be matching MY style with Techno-geniuses style.  :-}  I like rustic, natural elements -- antlers, cool looking sticks, logs, metal containers, even cast iron.  Techno, on the other hand, not so much.  LOL!  Guess time will tell as to what and whether we'll get our home decorated.

What is YOUR decorating style?  How did you discover what it was?  How do you implement it in the decorations in your home?

{I count 5 times I used myriad - I'm sure I could have stuck it in there a few more times.}

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