Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Breaking and Entering Bear' caught?

Yesterday we finally had a chance to contact the local game warden to find out about our 'bear intruder'.

As you may recall, we had a young cinnamon colored black bear attempt to 'help himself' to the food in our kitchen.

Ripping through the kitchen screen, knocking over chairs, clawing curtains yet..... he was just a bit to small to make it all the way in our window.  FORTUNATELY!!

Well, either that or....... me yelling and the dog barking startled him adequately that he meandered off - deciding the popcorn he smelled just wasn't substantial enough to make such an entry worth it.  LOL!

Anyhoo - they put the live bear trap in our front yard the day before we left on our camping trip. When we arrived back home Sunday the trap was gone.

Due to the traps disappearance, we assumed a) the bear had been trapped in it while we were gone and moved up in the mountains or b) he had been seen somewhere else - possibly breaking into another house - and the trap had been moved there.

Upon calling, we discovered the bear HAD in fact been trapped and relocated high into the mountains - where he'll prayerfully stay.  Away from homes, away from easy access food. Where he can learn to forage as he should - just like the rest of the bears.  No more 'box' dinners for him.

We were a bit disappointed to not SEE him trapped and get a fun picture, but glad he was trapped and didn't have to be harmed to be relocated.  Simply caught 'im in the live trap, hooked it up to a truck, and drove him up the mountain --- somewhere ---- to release.

Sounds easy right?  Maybe that should be my next job.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!


  1. Makes our chicken-eating possum issues seem rather small.

  2. Dwight - I wouldn't be thrilled with chicken-eating possums either. But, the bear was pretty surreal. LOL! We now are pretty sure we have a skunk living under our house in the crawl space. Ah country/mountain living. Wouldn't trade it for anything.


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