Monday, August 5, 2013

Is Pink Nanny Done

Our youngest's security blanket - better known as 'pink nanny' - was in the wash.  She wanted it to be done so she could have it back her in possession.  NOW!

Mind you, she was the one that wanted it washed, she just wanted it done instantaneously, which we all know is quite impossible when it comes to washing and drying fabric of any kind.

It seems after our 'bear' incident, she is a bit insecure.

I was sitting in our bedroom reading, when I heard her.  "Pink nanny done?  Pink nanny done?"  Repeatedly as she meandered around the house apparently looking for me to answer her mournful question.

Assuring her 'pink nanny' would be done soon, I smiled as I checked to see how much time remained on the dryer; giving her a little squeeze to help 'tide her over' till her precious 'nanny' was within her grasp.

Amazing that a little blanket, not even big enough to cover her entire body, brings such comfort to her tiny being.

This made me think of the things we 'adults' use for security.

  • money
  • health
  • loved ones
  • our home
  • our belongings
  • a job
  • weapons
  • friends
  • prestige
  • status
  • our intelligence
  • our talents
  • information
  • knowledge
  • education
  • church
  • faith
  • and hopefully, GOD/Jesus/The Holy Spirit
Yes, I have to admit, having a bear attempt to break into our kitchen was rattling.  That night especially.

The thought of potentially having a bear wandering around the house with us IN IT was nerve wracking to say the very least.

However, after it was all said and done; once we knew what precautions to take; when all the windows were shut; when the 'harm' was past; I didn't struggle to sleep much.  I wasn't shaking and quaking in my boots all night,  the next day, week.

I was....... calm.

Upon observing Selah needing her 'pink nanny' I further acknowledged my own security blanket --- Jesus Christ.  He's always with me.  I don't have to wait for the washer and dryer to complete their cycle to have him back in my hands to feel secure.  He's ALWAYS there.  HE'S the one that gave us a dog to alert us.  HE gave me the where-with-all to realize what was going on - even at 2am, to ACT.  HE had Doug wake from a dead sleep to a crazy yelling wife and instantaneously know to call 911.

He. Was. Present!

Just a prayer away.

Not even that far when you can't pray for yourself. The Holy Spirit is then there to intercede on our behalf.  I'm ashamed to say I don't know if I DID pray that night before I started heckling the bear, before I yelled to wake my slumbering hubby, before I 'broke down' in our boys' room.

None-the-less -- God knew.  He provided.  He WAS my security blanket.  He protected.

That's comforting.

That's awe inspiring.

I'm glad I have Jesus in my life.  My heart.  My mind.  My 'pink nanny' is NEVER out of reach.  I can FOREVER feel the warmth and comfort He provides.


  1. Great post. Wonderful, encouraging reminder! Thanks Liz

    1. Thanks! It was a good reminder for me too.


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