Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got milk?

One of the adventures we hope to partake in, sooner than later, is owning our own chickens and dairy goats.

In preparation for that, we thought it prudent to be sure everyone likes goat's milk or at the very least tolerates it enough to have it 'grow on them'.

I've searched on-line for places to purchase goat's milk to 'taste' to no avail.

Finally, searching craigslist for dairy goats to price how much we're looking at when we do take the plunge, I found it.  Someone selling goat's milk.

I contacted them and within days, had set up a meeting place to get a gallon of milk!


Bringing 4 quarts of milk home, Trinity was chomping at the bit to try it.

Dinner rolled around.  I poured everyone a half cup of the beverage.

Bravely, Elijah took the first sip.


"Mmmm, it's good.  It tastes...... like..... regular milk.  Just creamier."


Everyone else emboldened by his comments began taking sips.

The consensus -- WE. LIKE. GOAT'S. MILK!!!

Elijah then commented, "We should buy goats next month."

The thought of such milk each and every meal must be appealing.

Here's praying we can move forward with our plans ASAP -- just need our house in Ohio to officially sell.  Sigh!

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