Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Decorating for everyday life

I like to read blogs and articles about home decorating.

If you peruse my Pinterest account you'll find a plethora of decorating ideas and styles that I find appealing.

I even wrote a blog post about my own decorating desires and 'less than exemplary' decorating sense.

Today, however, as I was reading a blog and looking at pictures of houses this writer loved for their decorating success, it struck me.  Where do you put 'everyday items' when you decorate?

As I viewed these pictures and then glanced around my own living room I pondered, "Where are the bottles of lotion, the tissue boxes, the laptops and phones, printers, purses, bags, etc?"

Not only that, but.....

Displayed on tables, dressers, mantels were beautiful 'trinkets'; vases, picture frames, mirrors and the like.  My minds eye immediately caught a glimpse of our own little girls rolling around on the half deflated exercise ball in our living room.  Hmmmmm..... wonder how long those pretties would last around here?

Where are the 'decorating' blogs for us 'everyday' sorts?  For those of us with 'real life' objects cluttering our space?  For those with little people who would inadvertently break or mar those beautiful decorative items?  For people like....... well....... ME?

Hmmmmm.... maybe there's an audience there.  Maybe someone I know could start such a blog.  Blaze the path for the rest of us so we too could have aesthetically pleasing homes without such a 'don't touch', impractical feel.

Any takers? Anyone out there have a nicely decorated, yet functional home?  Someone with kids and kids' stuff for which to find homes amidst that decorating style?

I'd follow such a blog in a heartbeat.

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