Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School - Take 2

Happy to announce......

I DID learn my lesson.

Our back to school day 2 was a success!!! {as was day 3}

A little tweaking of lesson arrangements for the littles; less computer glitches over all; fewer on-line sessions throughout the day; simply being a tad bit more familiar with the scope of the curriculum and on-line school; and it was 'smooth sailing' for the day.

Everyone was happy.

No frazzled mama running helter skelter.  Just seamless teaching, learning, having fun.


I was nervous that first day.  I wasn't so sure I could do this -- teaching three littles; in 3 consecutive grades; while providing support to three bigs on their day to day lessons.  Nor was I sure I WANTED to  continue.

After today, however, I'm back in my homeschool happy place.

I am actually enjoying all the prep, teaching, and grading that accompanies our crazy homeschool lifestyle.

Granted, right now I feel like my days consist of preparing meals, teaching lessons, preparing more meals, tossing in some laundry, teaching lessons, grading lessons, preparing yet another meal, then prepping for teaching the next day, following by a little more laundry.

Not sure when the house is going to get cleaned, but.... I'll figure it out.  Only took me ONE day to get back on track with this whole teaching thing.  I'm sure I'll manage to figure out how to get the vacuuming, dusting, and mopping done as well.  :-)

Senior!!!  Wait, that can't be.  So proud of Jacob.
Things went so well today, I even managed to get 1st day of school pictures -- a day late.


8th grade already!  Such a beautiful young lady!

Also in 8th grade.  Time is flying TOOOO fast.

Charity in her seat, ready to go.

Selah in her 'assigned' seat.

Trinity in 2nd grade.  Just look at that pile of books.

Ok, cuteness award!
Selah in Kindergarten and Charity in 1st grade.
They wanted a picture together.

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