Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School - Joy or Woe?

Excitement abounded as the 'first day of school' arrived.

The littles were especially thrilled to begin their day.

I had just warmed up my cup o' joe, when they all bounded around requesting to start their lessons.

Who was I to negate their happiness?

With that, before 8 am we began another year of school -- at home.

The older kids, although not quite clamoring to begin lessons, also got an early start following breakfast and the dog walk.

We've done this for quite a few years.  This was NOT our first rodeo.

But..... I think it ranks up there as one of the most challenging and frazzling.

Homeschooling began for our family when Jacob entered school.  I've been the formal teacher now for 11 years.  Seems this should all be old hat by now, right?

Not.  This.  Year.

Moving to a new state.  Starting a new on-line charter school.  A new curriculum.  Having all 6 children doing school.  (First time ever!)   The kicker......... having a Kindergartener, a 1st grader, and a 2nd grader all. at. the. same. time.  Not to mention 2 - 8th graders and a SENIOR! made for a less than smooth morning, er, eh, day.

Jump back!!!  How can that be?  This is our LAST year with Jacob.  He graduates after this year.  Nope.  I want to continue in my denial.

Maybe that contributed to my stress this day?  Yeah, that's it.  I was just distraught thinking of our oldest child being a senior.

Oh how I wish it were that simple.

Nope, instead it was the myriad of computer glitches that plagued the start of our day and seemed to continue throughout the duration of our lessons.

We did discover that many were the fault of the on-line school and not user error.  Phew! Those were ironed out - mostly - by the end of the day.

Techno-genius to the rescue on the couple issues we DID have on our end. Internet connections hooked up incorrectly, or some such thing.  So glad I have my Techno-genius to handle those tasks.

In addition to the 'technical' difficulties, we encountered some 'logistical' difficulties.  Specifically, MOM LOGISTICS!

I just couldn't be WITH all three girls at one time.  Never mind should the older kids need something. They are learning at different levels and I had a poor plan in place for teaching math, language arts, and phonics.  In my infinite wisdom, I had those 3 subjects being taught to all the littles at the same time. Despite them having VERY different skills and lessons to cover. Ha.  Figure THAT one out.  One teacher, 3 girls, 3 grades, 3 different lessons for each subject.  Hmmmmmmmm......

I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.  Boy do I feel it now.  LOL!

Rookie mistake!  Not sure how this 'seasoned homeschool mom' managed that, but.....

Tomorrow - lets just say we're starting with music and art.  While onc completes their project, another one will work on math. When that one is ready to do some independent work, another young lady will have some phonics lessons. As she is prepped to trace letters and practice handwriting, I'll work with the 3rd little princess on Language Arts.

And so it'll go.  An intricate dance. Weaving in and out with the various subjects allowing time for mom to teach, kids to learn, yet avoiding the conflict of needing to be in 3 places at once.  More if the older three need any guidance.

Prayerfully, the computer issues will be minimal and THANKFULLY some of the 'first day' orientations are out of the way.  Now, we can get on with learning!!!

We do love homeschooling -- or schooling at home.  Days like today, however, sure made that tiny little school in our new hometown look slightly appealing.

Blessed to have Techno in my corner; cheering me on; reminding me of how each year the first week is a bit challenging; how as the days progress we get into a groove; we fall in sync; and things smooth out.

Mama relaxes.  Kids recall information previously learned.  We get back to ENJOYING homeschooling!

I'm banking on that day arriving.


  1. It's like moving to a new town and starting at a new school. ... wait a minute that's what you did! You all will get a new routine down soon. And your kids have a better recess than my kids do-ha!

    1. LOL! So true. We did do all that. We already getting into a new routine just by the second day. I think the on-line stuff and all the glitches we experienced there made for a much more complicated day than need be. Today has been so much already. Yeah, we do have the option of a pretty awesome recess. When we have time to take one. LOL!


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