Friday, August 2, 2013

Mother/Daughter Day

Having been invited to a 'girls' luncheon' with some extended relatives on Doug's side, Bethany and I headed into Laramie.

We chatted most of the drive.

Is she excited about school starting?  Yes, but a bit nervous; new curriculum; the year before high school and all.  

Does she like living in Wyoming?  Yep, loves the beauty, her new friends, our new church.

Then the conversation turned to deeper topics.

Apparently at camp, our pastor's wife discussed 'gathering information' rather than 'picking a husband'. I found it intriguing that my girl brought this up as I was thinking about discussing 'what to look at when observing boys you may be interested in.'

Coinkidink?  I think not.

We discussed watching how a boy treats others - his siblings, his parents, his friends, the 'less popular' kids; how he talks to his parents, siblings, and friends; what his dad is like; how his parents interact; how he responds to different situations.

This was a fun, albeit, throat clenching talk.  I mean, this is my baby. She's only 13.  I'm no where NEAR ready to be thinking about her 'gathering information' regarding a future husband.  AACK!!!

On we went to the lunch.  A fun, but quiet time for Bethany.  She observed and listened, but looked vaguely like a deer caught in the headlights whenever anyone actually spoke to her.  She'd smile, nod or shake her head and quietly respond.  She was appropriate, cordial, sweet..... just timid.   I had to smile.

Sweet, innocent, a bit shy due to not knowing anyone but Mom, Aunt Biff, and Cousin Jean.  No other 'youngin's' were in the group.

Upon leaving, we made our way downtown to meander around.  Mom and daughter time.

We browsed through the thrift store - finding a belt for Elijah.  Bethany's late birthday gift for him.

Then we simply walked, held hands, window shopped, and gabbed our way through town.

Getting a bit warm, we decided to finally head home.  

A special treat of a strawberry banana smoothie for Bethany and a carmel frappe for mom seemed a fitting end to our little jaunt.

Our 'treats' as we headed back to the mountains!  What a fun day together.
I relish these little tidbits of opportunities to spend quality time with my kiddos.  Especially my older ones as time is running short.

As Bethany pointed out -- only 5 more years and she'll possibly be heading off to college.  UUGH!  That's really NOT.  THAT.  FAR.  OFF!!!

Until then, I'll steal away any precious moments like this that I can.

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