Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pie Iron 'Pies' and Kids Camp Out

Since we were 'rained out' on our last day of camping, we never managed to make our 'pie iron' pies.  We had intended to make chicken pot pies followed by fruit dessert pies for our Sunday lunch.

The ingredients sat on our kitchen counters for the week following our camping trip.

Every night our plans were thwarted for making the pies in our fire pit in the front yard.


Too late after a trip to Colorado.

Errands and church in town.

More rain.

Finally, Friday we decided we'd call our 'planned fire' in so the fire department would not show up with hoses blazing and put out our little pie iron fire.

Bread buttered. Chicken concoction mixed and waiting.  Pie irons seasoned and 'fired'.  Fruit filling prepped. Paper plates ready.  Powdered sugar set.  Chairs assembled around the fire.

We. Were. Ready!

Techno and I tag-teamed and managed to get all 4 irons going - one after the other so all the girls had their meals ready in quick succession.  Littles decided 'cheese only' was what they desired.  Everyone else had 'chicken pot pie with cheese'.  (After tasting some 'leftover' cheese pie iron pies, Techno determined they were 'quite good'!)

Tasty little treats, albeit, some snafoos occurred with some sticking and slight burning.  We'll get the hang of it.  Apparently there's this magical line of done enough to not stick or burned so much it won't stick.  In between results in tasty, but messy fare.  Not exactly a 'pie' but more a 'mound' of ooey, gooey, goodness.

As everyone finished off their 'savory' pies, we began the fruit filled pies.  THOSE were a hit!!!

Gobbling 'em up, the girls asked if we were going to 'camp out'?  After all, the last time we cooked over the fire in the front yard we had our 'trial run' of camping without plugging in.

Gauking at each other, Techno and I both responded - "No, we weren't planning on it."  Pause.  "But you kids can sleep in the camper, if you want."

"YES!!!!"  Cheered the girls.  A bit of a pause from the older kids.

"I will if you are," went around the circle.  Eventually, all agreed to sleep out in the camper.

Ah, spontaneous fun! Gotta love it.

A quick shower for the girls -- remember those fruit pies? Well, let's just say they 'needed' a shower after finishing those. :-)

Everyone gathered their 'stuff'. Blankets. Pillows. Special stuffed animals.  Dream lights.

Finally they all made their way, after lots of hugs and kisses, out to the camper.

Tucked in. Doors locked. Safe and sound. Techno and I did some reading and surfing before turning in ourselves --- to our comfy king sized, pillow top, bed.  ;-)

All was quiet as we closed the windows. Put down the blinds.  Turned out the lights.

Even Apollos was in on the fun -- sleeping with Elijah in his camper bed. Just imagine, BIG dog, tiny bed, poor Elijah. :-)  I'm sure they both loved EVERY minute of it!

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