Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Green Eyed Monster

I've been struggling with jealousy this week.  I guess that's what one might call it.  The Green Eyed Monster.

Hubby is in Ohio for work and I'm here with all the kiddos -- which has actually been good, overall.  Yes, we miss daddy, but it hasn't been overly stressful.  Praise God.

However, I've read a couple blogs and facebook posts lately of others buying bigger, better houses.  Their old house selling quickly (unlike ours) resulting in them needing to move before they even had a place for which TO move.

As I read these accounts, although happy for those involved, I felt a twinge.  That monster was rearing his ugly head.

What's wrong with me?

I love our new home in the mountains.

So why am I coveting these nice, modern, spacious homes?

Maybe because I'm in the midst of 2 major home projects?  {I'll be blogging about those in the days to come} While Techno-genius is out of town?  Because our old house has yet to actually sell?

It's comical, really.  Part of our reasoning for moving here was to simplify, to downsize, to be more financially prudent.

Hence, it caught me off guard to be envious of those upsizing.

God reminded me of HIS plan.  For ME.  Our family.

It's not the same as the plan he has for others - those buying newer, bigger, fancier houses - that may be the plan He has for them.

But for us...... it's a smaller home ..... in the mountains.  A simpler way of life.  Homesteading -- {prayerfully}.

After my mini-pity-party, I was comforted to know God continues to be in control.  His plans for us are good.

It's not easy to wait on our house to sell.   To NOT have funds to purchase our chickens and goats, to start our homesteading endeavors; but....  God continues to provide our needs. Daily.

Although I may admire the shiny newness of others homes; the 3rd bathroom;  the basement;  the storage; as we transform our new house into our home, I'm truly in love with our uncomplicated lifestyle and existence.

Having less space means less junk.... which means less to clean up, put up, and deal with.  I'm a huge fan of that.

For now, I've moved on.  Thrilled for those in my circle who are getting their dream homes but also content and joyful for MY dream home.

The 'what will be' Williams' Homestead.

The mountainous views that greet us every morning.  The herds of elk, antelope, and deer I see as I drive to town.  The bears trying to break into our house. The skunks and raccoons we continue to trap.

Ahhhhh..... I feel better.  Thanks for letting me hash things out.

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