Monday, August 12, 2013

Solo Parenting for a Week

With Doug heading to Ohio for a week of work, it was going to be 'just the kids and I'!

Sunday we were supposed to head into church, then lunch with daddy before he drove off to the Denver airport.

Plans changed when Selah came into our bedroom before 7 acting a bit 'less than herself'.  Eventually she said, "I don't feel well."

When pressed, she admitted her tummy was feeling squirrelly.

We decided to give her some crackers and see how the morning progressed.

Well -- just as she indicated, she ended up throwing up while waiting for her breakfast to appear.

She and I would stay home.  No sense sharing our germs with the world.

Techno and the older kids went on to church, bringing back lunch after.  {Gave us a little more time with daddy at home before he left for his trip to Ohio.}

Finishing our subway sandwiches, Techno loaded up the truck and headed out.  Tears fell as the girls hugged him and watched him walk outside.  (The big kids will miss him too, but they don't usually cry when mom and dad leave anymore.)  LOL!! More tears as his truck drove away.  Admittedly, I almost cried myself. This will be the first time the kids and I have been 'on our own' in the mountains.  Ha!  Wonder what the girls would have done had mama burst into tears and chased after daddy's truck. :-/

It was a low key day with Selah not feeling well.  We watched movies, she ate crackers and applesauce and an occasional piece of toast, Wii games were played.  Anything that enabled her to 'just sit'.  Energy was low.

The big kids were a great help with household chores while I sat holding the youngest precious bundle in our family.

By bedtime, she seemed MUCH improved.

Techno arrived in Ohio safe and sound -- just late.

Monday arrived bright and early.  At 6:20 am, Selah appeared stating, "Charity doesn't feel well."

And so the week began......

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