Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Schedule

As time has progressed, our tidy little chore schedule has deteriorated.

Granted, the house is still maintaining some semblance of order, but not quite at the level I'd like to see.  

The crumbs hiding in the corners, 
the myriad of toys and items stacked here and there to 'neaten up' but not really being put away, 
the counters being 'wiped down' but not really scrubbed under/around/in between canisters etc. 
are beginning to take their toll.

I know some of the reasons:  School kicked in and we all got busier; we've allowed ourselves to get back into the habit of 'sprint cleaning'; Hunter's Safety Class took us out of the house multiple nights a week; we have no furniture so we KNOW we won't be inviting people over so 'what's the point, anyway?', basically, we 'got lazy' in our approach.

Well, with my goal of being more intentional, I realized (again) that keeping our house tidy should be as much for us - those that live in it - as it should be for guests we invite to join us in our home.

I've been pondering why the chores have lagged so much.  On my part.  On the kids' part.

The old routine was working so well. What happened?

In a nutshell?  Time and change.

It was just not the right fit any longer.

So.... back to the drawing board I went.

My new approach?


Yes, we've done something similar in the past, but all the kids are older, more capable now.  This will be a little different.

Each child will have a room for which he/she is responsible.  Throughout the day that room may need to be picked up, wiped down, swept, etc.  Each child will have to keep tabs of their particular zone.  (This will make it much easier to see who did NOT complete their zone, their chore, their responsibility.)

In addition, we'll have set days to 'deep clean' or at least more deep than the 'straighten and spit shine' that one does for that unexpected guest that just called to say their going to stop by.  :-)

I'm still working on the logistics, but I have high hopes.

No, I'm not expecting perfection.  No, I don't expect our home to be spotless.

But, I do believe it's possible to keep our home cozy and inviting by simply investing a little time, several times a day so that all can enjoy -- not only our guests -- but our family as well.

How nice it will be to walk through and have a warm and inviting feeling rather than one that induces stress.

Stress?  Yes!

Stress for me as my blood pressure rises from the 'mess'.  Stress for the kids as they can't find the book, hat, shoe they need/want.  Stress for Techno as he steps on a small toy - again - sending shooting pains from his toes to his nose in an instant.

Instead, all will have a place and be in it's place.  If it's not, we know who didn't do their zone that day and it can be addressed.

Yep, I'm adding more 'work' for myself in implementing and carrying out such a chore design, but.... like the toys in toy jail, it's worth it for the peace and calm that should result.

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