Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Time for Fitness! Better Yet.... Making Fitness Fit Your Time

Weight loss and exercise are not NEW to me. I've dealt with my weight to some degree or another most of my life.

Several years ago, when our littles were 'VERY little' I was part of a small group of women who challenged one another to get daily exercise.  We kept tabs on one another via texts and phone calls.

This little group was such a Godsend for me.  I didn't really lose a ton of weight during this span, but I maintained and got much more physically healthy.  My fitness level was greatly impacted by this band of ladies.

Another thing I garnered from this group was how to make exercise fit into my limited time schedule with homeschooling multiple children and living a fairly hectic and busy life.

Something I'd be willing to bet many-a-woman finds difficult.

It all began with a challenge.  A challenge to do 25 push-ups, sit-ups, and leg lifts.  Expanding to 100 each over the course of a month.

At first this was difficult.  I would come to the end of the day only to remember I had yet to complete my 75 reps.

I devised a plan.

BEFORE getting out of bed each morning, I'd complete my sit-ups and push-ups. Then as I was brushing my teeth I'd work on the leg lifts -- side, front, and back.

As I did this, it hit me.

I. Could. Do. Exercises. Throughout. The. Day!

All while doing the mundane tasks that seem to 'get in the way' of fitting in exercise.

That's exactly what I started doing.

While cooking, I'd do leg lifts.  Sometimes I'd do push ups on the counter.  Other times I'd do 25 squats or lunges while waiting for the water to boil or the microwave to finish.

Gradually I expanded this idea.

I began wearing wrist and ankle weights as well as a weighted vest while I folded laundry.  I'd walk in place; all the while getting my chores accomplished.

It was amazing.  I didn't have to take an extra half hour to an hour AWAY from my day to accomplish exercising.

I could combine chores WITH exercise.

Novel idea!

The best part?  It actually worked.

I will admit, I have gotten away from that model.

However, as I realized I needed to be INTENTIONAL with getting fit and healthy, I decided to take a different approach to enable me to multi-task with exercise.

I set my girls up with independent work; I grab a book I want to read; and I jump on the treadmill.  I usually walk for 45 minutes to an hour and accomplish reading 2-3 chapters of the book - depending on the length of the chapters.  (It's not super easy to walk and read while on the treadmill.  My pace of reading is impacted by the combination.)

I'm teaching our children to work independently, working on my relationship with Techno-genius, AND getting an hour of physical activity logged.  Simultaneously.  Without taking too much from each task.

Whoo hoo!

As I get stronger, I imagine I will add in the weight bearing exercises I had grown so accustomed to doing during those challenge days, several years ago.  Or, I may alternate days on the treadmill with days on the bow flex or doing DVD's that focus on strength building.

How do you manage to 'get fit' while managing a home, a job, kids?

Although not conventional, this way is working for me........ for now.

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