Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Pinterest Win!!!

Bethany is going to do a cake decorating project for 4H.

Due to that, she will be attending a 'cake decorating class' on Sun with her friend from our local 4H group.

In order to participate in the class she needs to bake a cake in which to decorate.

Since she is going to the class with her friend, we decided to have the girls bake their cakes together this week.

More fun when you do things with friends, right?

That means:







Not a chore I enjoy.  One I put off quite readily, actually.

Comical, really, as we have a 'SELF CLEANING OVEN'!!!

Alas, taking the oven racks out, I start the cleaning cycle.

Originally, I was just going to soak the racks a bit, using soap and water to wash them.


I haven't given them a thorough scrub since we moved in (over a year ago) and I can't guarantee WHEN they would have been scrubbed before that.

Needless to say.... they are in dire need of deep cleaning.

To Pinterest!  In search of the best way to clean said kitchen apparatuses.

One intriguing idea is to simply soak them in the bathtub with dawn dishsoap and dryer sheets.  Yep, dryer sheets.

I am game.

In the tub they go.

A couple hours later, I decide to check to see if the gunk is budging.

Guess what?  IT IS!!!!!

According to the Pinterest instructions:  
Submerge the racks in super hot water, add dish soap, and several dryer sheets.  
When done soaking (after several hours to over night) use the dryer sheets to 'scrub' the racks.

When I did this - with a little elbow grease - the once baked on food began slipping right off revealing the shiny silver racks underneath.


I plan to let them sit overnight to make the 'scrubbing' easier.

It's so exciting to have clean oven racks, I'm not sure I want to bake anything anytime soon.

Hmmmm.... sort of defeats WHY I began this cleaning journey in the first place, doesn't it?

Now that I know what to do..... might as well throw caution to the wind and let it get messy again.

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